Jason Fox Q&A

Read on to find out out what Jason Fox has to say about Derrick Morse, Kirby Freeman, the off-week and more...

On Kirby Freeman's resilience at quarterback:
He does, he has a lot of heart. With our quarterback situation, it probably isn't the most ideal situation for either of them. They both come out and work hard and trust the system a lot and they keep fighting. Kirby will keep working and fighting. We all have faith in him and I know he'll do good things. Both quarterbacks are great.

On having the ability to control their own destiny to an ACC Championship:
Just take it one game at a time, that is all we can do. If we do that, it is in our hands and control our own destiny. So we'll just take it one game at a time and we'll go from there.

I think we are definitely ready. Everybody knows the situation, it is kind of hard to look forward and not say ‘if we do this…' But, I think everyone is just trying to focus on one game at a time, because we can't worry about the other teams if we can't get by NC State. Every game is crucial and every game counts.

On the week off and how it has affected the team:
I think for everyone it has done more good then bad. They got their legs back and recovered a little bit.

On his hip:
It is fine, just a little sore.

Comparing North Carolina and NC State:
I know Coach Shannon will stress that in practice about coming out and starting fast and also finishing in the fourth quarter. It is all on us as the players to keep us ready and motivated and ready to go because not everyone knows what we CAN get done. It is on us to execute and get it done.

On Derrick Morse:
D-Mo is an unbelievable player. He is a freak of a football player. Maybe the most effort-player I've ever seen. When the play is over and the whistle is blown and everyone is trying to get back to the huddle, he is 20 yards down field trying to cut somebody. It is exciting when you have someone like that on your team, right next to him.

Is the team ready to take the next step and play consistent football throughout the next three weeks?
Yes, I think so. We have made mistakes in the past and I think because of those experiences, we can move on and we have learned. Everyone knows from a standpoint of how it happened and why it happened, so we need to prevent it from happening.

It is hard to give reasons WHY. I can't name or point fingers as to why. There were problems and now we have to correct them.

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