Kirby Freeman NC State Q&A

All indications are that Kirby Freeman will make his third start today versus NC State. Read on to see what he's saying about a variety of topics.

On Matt Ryan and Boston College:

It was great. Matt Ryan is playing really well for Boston College. He is a Heisman candidate this year, and I am really that guy because he stuck with the program over there he deserves what he got in that last game. It was nice to sit at home and watch the games on Saturday, watching everything and seeing it unfold. The main thing we can do is take control of our own day-to-day practices and our next four weeks. It is easy to take day-to-day. If we make the best of every single day we can win the next four games.

On NC State:

They are rolling good. They have an opportunity to come in and beat a really good team in the University of Miami, and we are just not going to let that happen.

On coming off a bye week:

We are coming off a great win as well, and on an off-week, we got some guys healthy and all of those things, we aren't going to let that happen. They'll come in and be on a high horse and hopefully we can build up the momentum in the game.

On the team controlling its own destiny:

These guys are starting realize there isn't much football left and we control our own destiny. Everyone knows they have to step it up in their own way to make sure we take care of business.

On what he did during the break:

I saw dad's game on Friday night. Thanks to you guys he knew I was coming...just kidding. I told him I was in Orlando for something for Halloween…and then I walked into the locker room and saw my dad and my brother it was a special moment for our family. It was great to see everyone at home and everyone was congratulatory for the way we were playing it was great to go home and see everyone especially after something like that happens.

On selecting the starting quarterback this week:

They will make the right decision. He (Shannon) can't really be wrong. Either decision will be ok. I think he knows that, nd he'll make the smartest decision.

On the plan for the rest of the season:

It is simple, just go out and we have four weeks of ball left and win. Every little thing we do will make us or break us.

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