Canes Searching For Consistency

Head coach Randy Shannon talked about a lot of things the day after Miami's loss to N.C. State. Read on for all the latest....

Game/Team Notes

• First off, Shannon spoke a little bit on the Robert Marve situation. He would not go into detail on what exactly would be laid out for Marve in terms of discipline, but did mention that he had spoken with Marve's parents and that he was in charge of the discipline for Marve.
o Marve has been nothing but up front to Randy and realizes that he has some "personal problems" (no idea what that means) that he has to deal with.

• Shannon reiterated what he did following the game and stated that the reasons for the loss were three-fold:
o Kirby Freeman couldn't throw and turned the football over
o Daren Daly missed two field goals
o The defense let up too many big plays

• Specifically on the kickers:
o Shannon thought that dealing with his two kickers has been frustrating. One will play well then play in a game and regress. The other will do the same.

• He spoke a lot on Kirby Freeman and what he has had to go through this year (in terms of; deaths in his family, the situation with winning and then losing the QB position, amongst many other things) and he says that Kirby is making things too difficult than it already is and he needs to keep things simple.
o He continues to say it baffles him how he can be so nervous and rattled throughout the game considering he has been able to bring us to victory in Bowl Games and in the FSU game, yet comes out and not only plays poorly but is not able to overcome it.

• He said that there were replacements for Freeman should he be able injured, but felt that he should have come in to the game and been able to hit the dinks and dunks (he mentions several plays where Kirby missed wide open wide receivers sitting in the middle of the field wide open and instead threw it downfield).

• The reason why Darnell Jenkins was not in game on those fade passes at the end of the game was because he was not fresh and the team needed someone fresh on those fade patterns to give maximum effort. Lance Leggett too was fatigued at that point of the game.

• Shannon spoke in some detail on the biggest frustrated with this team. He stated that the team is still making the same mistakes as they were in the beginning of the season nine weeks later and that despite focusing and working on those aspects of the game, they still make the same mistakes.
o He specifically said that quarterback play, kicker, and the defense letting up big plays have plagued them all season.

• Shannon fields that the team takes full accountability for each player. The team has not been pointing fingers at each other.

• Darnell Jenkins was playing at the quarterback position (the Wildcat/hog) formation in hopes to do a few things:
o Calm Kirby down.
o Because Graig Cooper couldn't take the direct snap because of his injured pinky.
o To try and generate some kind of offense.

• Right now, Shannon doesn't want to settle for it, but his main goal is to get to a Bowl Game. He feels that winning the ACC is very difficult

Player Notes

Sam Shields only played on the team's final two plays of the game. The reason, disciplinary. Shields has been frustrating Coach Shannon all year with his play in practice. Shields was out for the entire first half of the game because of it. However, as noted, he was in the game late because he was fresh.
o Shannon spoke on Shields a bit more and revealed that he spoke with his father and that they both feel that they need to discipline Shields more and that his father said "you are making a man out of my son".

• No one noticed, but Andrew Bain did not see any time in this past game.

• With that said, Shannon really praised the play of Orlando Franklin and Joel Figueroa. He went on to say, that if Franklin and Figueroa played as well as he thinks they did when he goes back and watches film, that Bain may find it very difficult to get his job back.

• Another thing that you may or may not have noticed, was that Graig Cooper didn't play much in the first half. The rationale was two-fold: o His pinky was injured.
o Following the Florida State game, Shannon felt that Cooper did not practice very hard and that Derron Thomas did. Derron was rewarded with being put into the game on the third drive while Cooper sat.

• He spoke a bit on Calais Campbell and his ineffectiveness v. NC State and throughout the season.
o He first noted that last season he was 30-35 play player, and this season he is lining up 60 plays.
o He was "just going through the motions" v. NC State and he thought that Calais was very frustrated in detecting blocking schemes. Shannon mentioned he needs to capitalize when teams only keep 5 men in to block and that he needs to make plays when given the opportunity and he hasn't quite done that.

Antonio Dixon came back two weeks early and while he is still sore and hurt, he campaigned to come back early and proved himself in the weight room and ultimately Dr. Uribe gave him the clearance.

• In the past few weeks, I've noticed several posts about "Where is Tervaris Johnson?" The 6-foot-2 defensive, former 3-star defensive back prospect from Monsignor Pace is playing on special teams. If you didn't notice, he also recorded a tackle in the game.

Injury Report

• If he is mentally ready to play, Kyle Wright should start on Saturday v. Virginia.

• Running back Shawnbrey McNeal was out for the game with a sinus infection. He should be ready to suit up for the team's next game v. Virginia.

• Defensive End Eric Moncur was out for the game as well. His status is unkown and the extent of his injury unknown. With that said, Shannon told the media he'll have more on Moncur on Tuesday.

• He didn't speak at all on offensive guard Derrick Morse. I'll look into it a bit more on Tuesday. He was limping around the locker room on Saturday after the game.

• Running back Graig Cooper is fine now and his pinky didn't seem to be a problem after 18 carries.

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