Wright to start Saturday

Randy Shannon announced today that Kyle Wright will start at quarterback on Saturday. Read on for news on that, injuries, and much more...

Team Notes

• The teams need to polish up the passing game. The quarterback needs to get the ball to the open players. The quarterback needs to find these check-down players at running back and tight end like they were doing early in the season. When they do those things, the offense runs "good."

• Randy Shannon admitted to looking at the scenarios to win the ACC last week, but this week, it is different. He hasn't looked at the scenarios and is only worrying about Virginia. He believes that when this team focuses on the team in front of them and are determined, they are pretty good.

• With that said, he felt that last week, with the potential to win out and win the ACC, the team had many distractions that allowed them to lose focus.

• Shannon continues to urge fans to not storm the field. He doesn't want to see any of the players, staff, cheerleaders, etc. of Miami or Virginia to be hurt. This week, the University of Miami will be an ACC "Hot Spot" because bad things can happen. He compared it to Clemson, and he wants to stress that fans shouldn't storm the field.

• Shannon also says that he wants to the team to feed of the crowd and atmosphere of the game. If they do, amazing things can happen.

Player Notes

• The kicker competition is "REALLY" open. Shannon will be trying out anyone with legs. He even mentioned that starting punter Matt Bosher is in the running for the job. This week during practice, they will abandon the "extra point drills" in favor of field goal drills which will be highlighted regularly throughout practice. Kicks will be made from various scenarios. Should be very interesting.

Kyle Wright did everything in practice on Sunday. He is now back to being able to "push" the football like he did pre-injury and has regained his velocity.

• If you've been wondering where wide receiver Kayne Farquharson has been…you are not alone. He has been slowed by a groin injury that was aggravated during practice following the UNC game. He however told Coach Shannon that he feels as good as he did following the injury. Expect Kayne to get some playing time this week.

• Randy Shannon reiterated something he mentioned earlier in the season, that the team will have five guys that will take up 85% of the coach's time. And he said that is exactly what is going on with this team, there is five guys that are taking up most of his time. And two of them are (no surprise):
o He started by saying he loves Sam Shields, but he is frustrated with him. He also said that next year, if he sees similar results that they will "have to move on to the next guy…"
o Also, Ryan Hill has not been doing what has been asked of him at wide receiver, hence why he hasn't been playing much, if at all. He has regressed recently and his spot has been taken. And no, he won't be moved back to corner.

• Cornerback Chavez Grant wasn't impressive on the outside last week, maybe a reason for it was a virus that he had. He wanted to play, but during the game he just couldn't handle it with being sick. He came down the cold on Saturday morning.
o Grant could play more on the outside this week, it will completely depend on the status of Carlos Armour.

Shawnbrey McNeal will see some heavy competition from Derron Thomas this week. Shannon said that running back coach Tommie Robinson has the easiest job on the team because he has four players who could all play. Playing time depends on who practices well.

Injury Report

• *drum roll* … The starting Quarterback for the Virginia game is…Kyle Wright. Barring "unforeseen circumstances" Kyle will start Saturday.

• Offensive guard Derrick Morse is fine and will play.

• Running back Shawnbrey McNeal is fine and will play.

• Defensive end Eric Moncur is fine and will play.

• Last week, cornerback Chavez Grant had a virus, but he is fine and will be playing.

• The status of cornerback Carlos Armour is up in the air. He'll practice this week and will probably be a Friday decision to play.

• Defensive back Lovon Ponder is also up in the air, he'll practice this week and be a late-in-the-week decision.

• As mentioned, Kayne Farquharson was struggling with a groin injury recently, but is back in shape and ready to go versus Virginia.

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