Players share Orange Bowl memories

The Orange Bowl has been the home of the University of Miami football team since 1937. This Saturday, the Hurricanes will turn the page to create a new chapter in its storied history as they play their final home game versus Virginia.

The Orange Bowl's mystique is rivaled by few in the world of college football. It is the home that lay claim to the nation's longest home win streak, five national championships, nine conference championships, two Heisman trophy winners, and 72 All-Americans. All this week, will bring you memories from current players and coaches, hopefully some former players, and fans.

Derrick Morse is a fifth year senior and three time letter winner at the University of Miami. He has 25 career starts on the interior of the offensive line.

Coming out of the smoke at the O.B., there is nothing like it. This is definitely going to be a big game, we are going to miss it. People come to this school for the program, but the Orange Bowl is a bonus, it is just a tradition at Miami. Night time at the Orange Bowl is just a perfect setting. The fans get a little more into the game, there are more people there. It is just different.

I have a lot of great memories. Beating Florida State in overtime was definitely one of them. Coming back against the Gators is another. I remember during my freshman year Kellen Winslow II catching the fourth and long to go ahead and beat West Virginia. There are a lot of great memories.

I only have three games left in my college career, so time is winding down. I have to make the best of it.

John Rochford is a fifth year senior and three time letter winner at the University of Miami. He has eight career starts at center and was the team's long snapper as a redshirt freshman, sophomore, and junior.

Everyone who has ever come through here, ex players, etc. talk about this, playing for the University of Miami, all of the great players in the NFL. So I know how special it is going to be (playing the final game in the Orange Bowl with all of the alumni in attendance). That last time running out of the field. This is like the best time of your life playing college football, it is going to be real important.

It has been a great five years here. Recently, beating Texas A&M on Thursday night was pretty special for me. The game against Florida during my freshman year, when we came back to beat them was pretty neat moment to be a part of.

The energy and excitement that you felt is such an amazing feeling. I wish I could have played more in that game, but it was just really something. It was great just to be a part of it.

Kayne Farquharson is a first year junior for the Miami Hurricanes. Growing up in Homestead, he is the self-proclaimed biggest Miami Hurricane fan and has been following the team since his childhood.

This game is going to be big. Hopefully there are a lot of alumni, just being there for the last game at the Orange Bowl, I think it is going to be a packed house.

It is always good to look on the sideline and see former Hurricanes.

I went to one Hurricane game when I won a ticket from a raffle at the school. They were playing Washington. The year before Washington beat us and ruined our National Championship hopes, so when we came back and blew Washington out, that was a good memory.

The Edgerrin James game sticks out in my head. 299 yards if I am not mistaken. The UCLA game when they were undefeated at the time, it was a huge win at the time and elevated Edgerrin's draft staus.

Those are the two memories I have of the Orange Bowl.

Joe Joseph is a third year sophomore and one year letter winner at the University of Miami. He has two career starts at defensive tackle.

We need to go out with a bang. I haven't played too many games at the Orange Bowl, but I have a lot of memories watching other players play before me.

I remember during my freshman season, the 2005 season, that we had beaten Florida State in overtime. It was crazy. I wasn't playing, but to see it, I just wanted it to be me in the Orange Bowl.

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