Shannon talks about the game

Read on to see what Randy Shannon was talking about a day after tehe Hurricanes suffered their worst loss in over 30 years.

Game Hits

• When asked what were the key elements of the loss, Randy Shannon pointed to:
o Too many turnovers
o The QB wasn't able to get into rhythm because of the dropped balls by the wide receivers
o Too many busted plays/coverages that allowed the Virginia Tight Ends to get open
o A blocked punt
o John Rochford delivering low snaps
o The key play in the game was the correct call that called back the Colin McCarthy fumble return for a touchdown. That play gave the team life and when it was called back, the life came out of the team.

• When asked what some of the positives were, after a moment he said:
o Javarris James had some good runs.
o The team didn't let up the deep ball.

• Randy was told by players that the busted coverages on the big plays to the tight end was because "(th$ey) were looking in the backfield."

• The team went to shotgun for much of the game because they found themselves down early and they had a Quarterback they felt could make reads and make throws.
o With that said, Kyle was 100% ready for the game, according to Randy Shannon.

• Shannon said that losses like this are frustrating and that the coaches need to evaluate the personnel on this team. He felt the game plan was in place. They wanted to spread the football around and the team just didn't execute.

• There shouldn't be any excuse for distractions. This team had everything they wanted in place – big crowd, atmosphere, etc.

• Randy said, and I paraphrase, "This team is not quitting and this team will be fine mentally. If not, it is on the coaches. It is our job to get the kids prepared mentally."

• When asked about the frustrations from the quarterback position, Randy said, "We can't run 90 times" and then went on to say that turnovers were unacceptable.

Other Topics of Discussion

• Shannon talked a bit on the future of this team. He said that fans should look no further then next year if they want to see results. The team is bringing back a lot of guys and that should give fans optimism. He mentioned Glenn Cook, Romeo Davis, and Anthony Reddick has players who will be back next year.

• He also went into the coaches putting certain players in position for success. He sites Randy Phillips and Dedrick Epps as two prime examples.

• Randy went on to discuss expectations at the beginning of the year and how the team hasn't quite lived up to them:
o He mentioned the potential he saw in players at the beginning of the season. He mentioned Lance Leggett as being an example. Paraphrasing: "When you look at Lance and what he can do physically.
o The he also mentioned some successes. He sites Dedrick Epps as an example as well as Richard Gordon as a blocker.

• Randy elaborated on the injuries being a factor in this team's success (or lack thereof) and mentioned that, in a perfect world, this is how his roster would look like:
o 4 Quarterbacks
o 4-5 Tailbacks
o 10 Wide Receivers
o Either 5 tight ends and 1 fullback or 4 TEs and 2 FBs
o 15-17 Offensive Linemen
o 14 defensive linemen
o 15 defensive backs

• With that said, the team simply doesn't have the numbers he is looking for. He said the team is only working with 4 or 5 linebackers and there are now only 6 players on the defensive line rotation.

Injury Report

• Not too much to report today, more shall come on Tuesday, but with that said:
o Running back Graig Cooper will be fine, he had a cramp or something tighten up in his leg.
o Shawnbrey McNeal left the game with a left ankle injury.
o Antonio Dixon aggravated his leg injury.

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