WR: UM just needs more competition

Davon Johnson is one of the top wide receiver prospects from South Florida and the Booker T. Washington High standout talked about the latest...

"We're rollin right now," Davon Johnson said. "We play against a team out of Naples called Gulf Coast in the first round this week. I'm up to about eight touchdowns on the season."

Johnson, 5-foot-11 and 180 pounds, remains committed to the hometown Miami Hurricanes, a team he watched play in their home stadium one final time on Saturday night.

"The atmosphere out there was crazy," he said. "It was real nice. It was tough to watch the game though. It was the same old stuff. You expect it but it just isn't happening."

The talented receiver said he believes the Hurricanes need to reload its current roster.

"That'll definitely help," he said. "They need to sign a good class and bring a bunch of new guys in. That's what they're doing, too. In the past when UM was dominating everyone, they had competition at every position and most of the time it was from players around the Miami area. They sorta got away from that lately. The local kids will compete."

Johnson believes the Hurricanes are cleaning up with the local talent.

"Look at the class -- Jacory Harris, all the Northwestern guys, me, I mean it's a real good class," he said. "Even a guy like Kendall Thompkins. He's a real playmaker out there. He runs good routes and he'll compete with anyone. That's what this team needs more of and I'm glad they understand that."

Johnson, who plans on taking a January visit to South Florida as well as Miami, knows what to expect when he inks with the Hurricanes.

"Coach Mosely just keeps saying come in here and work hard," he said. "They just need competition and we're all gonna provide that next year."

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