Shannon talks recruiting

Randy Shannon talked about how recruiting is going this season, what the coaches are looking for in players, their reaction to the UVA loss, and much more. You don't want to miss this!

The Hurricanes are a struggling football team right now. Head coach Randy Shannon doesn't believe it'll have a negative impact on the upcoming recruiting class.

"A lot of recruits will come in and play right away," Shannon said. "When we was on probation, things didn't start to change until we had that class with Edge, Nate Webster, and those guys. The following year it was that class with Santana, Reggie, Dan Morgan, Edward, and those guys. The next year had some guys and so on."

Shannon talked about one thing he looks to accomplish in every recruiting class.

"Every year, if you get five playmakers you're doing good," he said. "If you get eight, then over a 3-year period, you're going to have 24 playmakers. That's your offense and defense right there. The guys thinking about UM -- this is a great class we're putting together. Look at Van Dyke, Shawnbrey, Orlando Franklin, Damien Berry, and some of the other freshmen who are playing and starting -- you take those guys and take another class like that and you're taking a big step up. That's what (recruits) see."

Negative recruiting is probably at an all-time high against the Hurricanes right now. Shannon understands that but also knows that it's happened before and the Hurricanes worked through it.

"People out there are saying 'dont go to Miami, they'll never win'," he said. "Well, Schnellenberger did it. Jimmy went 8-5 in his first year and he did it. Butch was 5-6 early and people said it was over and we changed it around."

The most important part of any school's recruiting efforts is the evaluation -- both on film and with the character of the kids being recruited. Shannon talked about why that is so important.

"The most important thing is you gotta evaluate film," he said. "You can go and get the best player in the country but in two years he could be at a prep school or Junior College. There are some athletes in Dade and Broward County that because they don't fit what we're looking for football and work ethic wise (we won't recruit them). We want guys who wanna win games. When you have guys who are all into talking about themselves and talking about the NFL already, you gotta get people who have your mentality."

One thing a lot of fans always look for is how many stars are located next to each recruit's name. While that generally gives a good indication of how heavily recruited that player is, it doesn't necessarily translate to success at the next level.

"The biggest thing that has hurt high school kids today is people put so much pressure on ratings that when kids don't make it, they feast on a kid," he said. "When you get caught up in ratings, it gets you because you expect too much out of a player. I told our coaching staff -- just go find football players."

For a list of recruits currently committed to play for the Hurricanes, CLICK HERE.

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