‘Canes ‘Slip n Slide' during Wednesdays Rain

On Wednesday afternoon, the Hurricanes held practice outdoors despite heavy rain throughout the afternoon. Read on to see how practice went, how Coach Shannon rates the play of some players, and for an updated injury report on some important players.

Rainy days are usually spent indoors, but not so for the Miami Hurricanes. The ‘Canes held a full practice in pads and shorts on Wednesday despite heavy rains throughout the afternoon.

"It was a kind of good day today, because we could have had a lot of distraction but we practiced through the rain and the water, and you know what? We didn't have any fumbled snaps, no bad snaps," Coach Shannon said after practice. "It was good, we were flying around, and everybody concentrated, offensively and defensively we had no busts, and it rained the entire practice, except maybe the last 15 minutes."

The rain, in addition to making the field a sloppy mess, had an unexpected effect on the team: It lifted their spirits. The team treated the rain as an opportunity to cut loose and enjoy themselves a little bit. After practice was over, many players stayed out in the sloppy mess that used to be the Greentree practice field and used tackle dummies as wake boards, sliding through the wet muddy grass for about twenty yards.

"Anything is beneficial to attitude," Coach Shannon said when asked if the rain helped morale. "They like to think it's (the field) a Slip n Slide, so I guess they're back to being like six years old."

Rain doesn't Stop Kickers

Despite raining most of practice, the kickers got some work in today, although not as much as they usually do.

"We didn't get much kicking today. We got some done early but during the storm we couldn't get it done too much done," said Shannon. "All the field goal kickers got their kicks in today. They were hitting from 45-47 yards out."

Cooper's Status Uncertain

More will be known about Graig Cooper's condition tomorrow, per Shannon.

"He practiced today. He didn't practice a lot but he practiced today. Maybe half. When it started raining, we pulled him out. We'll probably know by tomorrow. I'll give a better update tomorrow on where guys are status wise."

"We don't worry. We got Derron, we got JJ, so we'll be fine."

Shannon Talks About Star Safety's Play

Coach Shannon was asked about how well Kenny Phillips has been playing this season and gave the media his thoughts.

"Kenny has played pretty good, but you know me. I'm kind of hard. I want everybody to be perfect. You know there's no one really perfect in life. He's been doing well, he's executing well on the run, but he ain't getting the turnovers and interceptions, stuff like that. What he's asked us to do he does, but he tries to do more sometimes and gets in trouble. We tell him to stay within the game, don't try to do too much, and he'll make plays."

Harris ‘Probably Won't Play."

Shannon said that barring a last minute change from doctors, Courtney Harris would not play this week.

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