Catching Up With Adewale Ojomo

Adewale Ojomo took some time after practice to talk to Read on to see what he is saying about his first year as a Miami Hurricane.

Freshman defensive end Adewale Ojomo was almost an academic casualty this summer. The talented pass rusher was flagged by the NCAA Clearing House and almost didn't make it to campus. Luckily, he got his test scores and transcripts in order and didn't miss a single day. So far, he's been doing well in school.

"Academically it is going good," Ojomo said after practice. "I'm in business administration currently, but I am changing it to History."

The college life has been an adjustment for Ojomo. He has to spend longer hours studying, both for school and for football. It is an adjustment that all freshmen have to make very quickly to succeed at Miami.

"I wake up early in the morning at 5:55, make my way to the Hecht, go to class, thre hour nap, make my way over to Eaton then practice, study hall at night," Ojomo said about his daily schedule.

Ojomo's name has not been called this season because he has taken a redshirt. Though talented, Ojomo needed to fill out a bit before he saw time on the field. He was listed at 220 lbs. coming out of Hialeah High School. He is now listed at 246 lbs.

"Coach Hurtt just wants me to get bigger and stronger and learn the system," Ojomo said. "On the field, I've been making progress and getting better every day."

Ojomo has an excellent mentor.

"As soon as I got here, Calais Campbell took me under his arm and taught me most of the program," Ojomo said about the ‘Canes junior defensive end.

Campbell spoke at length about Ojomo, who by all accounts has been impressive in practice on the scout team.

"He is taking that redshirt," Campbell said. "He definitely has the potential to be an All-American here. He has all of the right tools. He is a high motor guy. Strong. He is very strong and has real good speed and smart. Smart enough to pick up what the offense is trying to do. It makes it easier on the coaches because he is so smart. He is hungry. He wants to be the best. It is easy to take him under your wing and teach him how to do it. Because I mean he reminds me a lot of myself and how hungry I was. I am still very hungry, and [whether] hunger or knowledge, just [try] to understand the game and that is how he is."

"He tries to be a funny guy and crack jokes. A real cool guy. A lot of girls like him, he has that charm. He is a real good dude."

Assuming Campbell leaves to the NFL, Ojomo will be competing for a starting job next year. Regardless of whether he earns that job, given that Miami rotates so many linemen, he'll definitely be on the depth chart and in the rotation. Look for him to make waves in 2008.

Larry Cole contributed to this article.

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