Tim Walton Talks About Experience

Hurricanes' defensive coordinator Tim Walton took some time after practice on Wednesday to give an exclusive interview with Canestime.com. Read on to see what he says about what he's learned in his first season as a defensive coordinator, how he feels about adjustments, blitzing, and more. You don't want to miss this interview.

On what he's learning in his first year as defensive coordinator

Well you know, you have to make sure that you stay simple, especially when you have young guys in certain positions, you have to allow them to play fast, and you know, stay with fundamentals. Technique, tackling, and that kind of stuff. And Adjustments, you know when guys know what to do and feel good and can play fast, one thing I've had to learn how to do is learn how to make adjustments on the run, and that's something that Coach Shannon has been helping me out with, learning it. You know, each week, people like to do different things against you and you have to get ready and you have to prepare your guys because sometimes they have to learn different stuff. Week to week depending on what teams are doing it, that's helped me out. I had a learning curve for making adjustments during the game.

On how injuries have affected the effectiveness of the defense

Eh, it's made it a little bit more difficult but we try not to make excuses about that. You know, we try to go and play with the guys we got. They are good enough to win. We have to get it done, we have to get them coached up. If you have injuries, we have to have other guys ready. We have to have the second team guys ready to go.

On his defensive philosophy

We have the same philosophy as we did with Randy as defensive coordinator, but what happens is you have new kids, and you have some guys that haven't played as much, guys that are freshmen, so you really just have to be simple with those guys so that it allows them have confidence in their play, because there's always going to be things that they don't see at practice that they'll see in a game. The more simple you can make things for them, the more they can adjust to it a little bit on the run.

On blitzing, specifically how often they have blitzed and how it relates to his scheme

We do both, we blitz. We try to mix it up. We do blitzes and coverage, but you know you have to have it based on what teams are doing to you. If you look at Florida State, we blitzed a lot there. We even blitzed a lot against Virginia, but what happened was they gave us some different little deals and some guys were open, so you just have to pick your times. You want to get it so that guys who are going to see a lot of different stuff, a lot of formations, personnel groups, so when you have young guys, you have to make sure you take that into consideration when they are going through that on game day.

On how the experience gained by the younger guys has helped them

It's going to be very valuable, because next year when they come in, they'll already have 11 or 12 games under their belt. So now, they'll have film of watching themselves that will teach them for the spring.

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