Shannon talks BC, recruiting, and more

Randy Shannon had a lot to say in his final Sunday press conference of the 2007 season. He touches briefly on the BC game, but focuses a lot on recruiting. He also talks about Calais Campbell and Kenny Phillips and talks about the youth on this team and the steps needed to be made going in to next season. This is good reading material.

Game Hits

• Dropped balls were vital in this game. Shannon said that the team had the momentum and then proceeded to drop three balls on the ensuing drive.

• The interception going in to half time that ultimately gave Boston College a 14-0 lead at the half was an attempt to implement the two minute drill that they've been working on all season.
o The team was trying to go into half time on a good note instead of simply taking the 7-0 score into the half.

• Thought this loss, like against UNC, like against NC State, and like against Georgia Tech was one that could have been prevented if the team just had that "little push."
o Getting that "little extra push" is going to be one of Randy's as well as the staff's primary goals of the off-season.

Team Hits

• Randy believes that having senior leadership is key. He talked candidly about how he wants to get this team up to par with the Boston Colleges, the Virginia Techs, and the Virginias of the ACC and he feels the key to getting there is being able to have seniors. Having seniors on the roster that have been tried and tested have been keys to the success of Hurricane teams of the past.
o He said that having Calais Campbell and Kenny Phillips, both juniors, staying is one step in the right direction in that aspect.
• The process to getting the roster with more seniors is going to take time.

• Monday will begin the team's off-season stuff (weight room, etc.). Some coaches stayed in Boston and will start recruiting as early as today.

• Shannon is not looking to make coaching moves, but will heavily begin to evaluate game film in depth about what mistakes were made and will figure out if the problem was scheme, physical, or mental or a combination of the two.
o When he was working with Jimmy Johnson, when they did this, they came back next year much improved and it is something he is going to implement again.

• He doesn't expect any calls from available coaches.

• Getting guys into the weight room and getting guys into the shape they are stressing is key and a bright side of missing a bowl is more time in the weight room.

• Injuries were one of most vital reasons for this team struggling like they have on defense.

• Scheduling next year is going to be tough considering they have three road games consecutively.

Player Hits

• Shannon talked a bit about Calais Campbell and Kenny Phillips and said that with them, he will treat each player just as he would if he was still a defensive coordinator.
o He is going to suggest to each of them to apply to the NFL's Draft Advisory Committee, and if they like what they get back, he won't be the guy to tell them to stay.
o But, if they don't like what they see, he wants them to come back because they are two players that would be real assets in the development of young players and can improve themselves if they do.
o He mentions DJ Williams and Jon Vilma as examples of two players that were end of round 1 players that improved themselves with staying for their senior years.

• Shannon stressed the subtle art of "grooming" in football.
o He mentions the quarterbacks at the University of Miami and how the evolution of stability at the position was started with this grooming.
o His example was that of Bernie Kosar to Vinny Testaverde to Steve Walsh to Craig Erickson to Gino Torretta as the key to the Hurricanes success in the 80's and early 90's.
o The receiver position is an area where they were never able to groom, as is quarterback and it is why there is such an issue at those positions going into next year.

• Randy stressed that he would never take away a kid's scholarship.
o He used George Timmons as an example. He physically can't play football anymore, but Randy Shannon wanted him to finish his degree. But, he still earns his scholarship by tracking what the kickers do and come out to practice.

• Shannon mentioned that if Romeo Davis, Glenn Cook, Anthony Reddick, Calais Campbell, and Kenny Phillips come back, the defense will be much improved.

Dedrick Epps has developed so much in the eyes of Shannon. He has been a bright spot on the roster.

Orlando Franklin, too, has been a real bright spot.

Ryan Hill and Leonard Hankerson really turned it on for this team at the end of the season.

Charlie Jones will not apply for a medical red shirt and will apply to the NFL for the Draft.

• Shannon said if Kyle Wright played another season under Nix, you'd see a completely different Kyle Wright. His attitude and demeanor improved so much this year and his play did too before injury.

• In the spring, all positions will be up in the air.

• Thought that the group of players who stay after practice (Robert Marve, Jermaine McKenzie, Tyler Horn, Daniel Adderley, amongst others) are ahead of the game and he loves their determination to get into the game next year.
o He goes on to mention that he loves the young guys here and that a lot of the freshman would have played more this year if not for injury. Lots of these guys are being groomed to do great things.
o The young guys who got game experience will help this team to be very much improved.
- If the team need to rely on just the incoming freshman, they won't be very good next year.

Shannon had a lot of very interesting comments today about recruiting. Now, of course he couldn't get into specific players, but you might be able to deduce a few things from it.

Recruiting Hits

• Shannon first mentioned that there aren't any players "on the brink" (as one reporter noted it) and that all of their guys are very very solid in their commitments and they tell him all of the time they are coming.
o He said that the local 8-15 commits that show up every Sunday for practice are of those players. He said that those players are "just the local kids" and that isn't including kids who are out-of-town.
o He did say that they may lose one or two guys, but that generally everyone is solid in their commitments.
o Shannon noted that none of the players have stressed concern over the disappointing season and he talks to many of them regularly.

• Recruiting football players is the key of this class. It may not be the highest rated player, but this recruiting class is all about getting football players with the right mentality in here.

• Randy said they will sign anyone that wants to suit up for them.

• He is looking for football players that in high school play two positions, so they "can see things quicker."
o He uses an example referring to himself as a player. In high school he played linebacker and offensive line and as a linebacker the offensive line experience was valuable because you could see and understand what lineman were doing better.
o He also mentioned Jon Vilma as a linebacker-tight end; DJ Williams as a linebacker-fullback as examples of guys who are better at what they do because they understand their competitor.

• Some coaches stayed in Boston after the game and will start recruiting as early as today.

• He made a small comment about how THIS is the period where teams are going to go out and try and steal recruits from other teams.

• Kicking is an area they are looking at.

• They are looking at some junior college players, but they are primarily used for quick fixes. But this team is trying to get these Junior College players at positions where there are guys behind them to play.

Injury Report

• None to report.

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