Butler: 'Brown is a like a lion."

Arthur Brown's spiritual mentor, Brian Butler spoke at length with CanesTime.com about the top rated linebacker's recent trips to Miami and USC and the importance of family, support, and prayer. You don't want to miss this.

Arthur Brown, the 6-foot-1, 225 pound linebacker from Wichita East High School (KS) is Scout.com's number one rated player in the country regardless of position. His spiritual mentor, Brian Butler believes he merits that ranking. He had a very interesting comparison for the five-star player.

"He is like a lion," Butler described. "If you've ever seen a lion chase a wildebeest in the jungle that is what he reminds me of."

Butler would continue to break down Brown's game.

"He is a great tackler, and has great agility and side to side movement. He's just an all around great football player. He may not be a true fan of the game, but you'd never know it because he has great instincts of the game. He is God-gifted and his talent is beautiful considering how great he is."

He continued with mentioning a little known ability of Brown that has recently got coaches of potential teams to inquire about his versatility.

"He could do it all," Butler elaborated. "He can run the ball too. The coaches have wondered if he can run the ball in and around the end zone."

It is no wonder Brown is one of the most highly coveted high school players in the country.

Last week, Brown wrapped up the last leg of his official campus visits. He traveled to Miami to visit the Coral Gables campus on Thursday and then spent the weekend at USC. He attended the USC-UCLA game on Saturday.

"They both went quite well," Butler said. "They were just normal trips. Not one in particular is special from one another. They were both very good trips. They both treated each of us with a first class visit."

Butler discussed the visit to USC further.

"Everson Griffin and Marc Tyler were our hosts," Butler continued. "It was nothing major. There was no dances or anything. We went to football meetings. There was no extra hoopla or anything, the game did that. We saw how the program was run, we saw the atmosphere of game day, and we spent time with Coach (Ken) Norton and Coach (Pete) Carroll and had meetings with the staff. We later had dinner that night and breakfast the next morning."

Prior to the USC visit, Butler would go travel to Miami on Wednesday, a day before Brown was to arrive. Brown had to shuffle his schedule around due to a family emergency. The emergency would prevent his parents from also attending.

"Calais Campbell was out host," Butler described. "He went with the team when they went out. It too was a normal visit. It was nothing big time. We went to see about the academics and to try to get a feel for the team, players and coaches. He wanted to feel how it was."

Butler would discuss his role during the visit and what his schedule looked like throughout his stay in Miami.

"(On Wednesday) I went to a comedy club, the Miami Improv with Coach Barrow and then I went back to my room and went to sleep. I loved it, we had a good time."

"The next morning, I went to the school and spoke with Coach Swasey in the weight room and discussed my and their training plans. Then we got to know each other and discussed their program. I wanted to see some of their philosophy."

He then described some of Brown's visit.

"When Arthur came in and talked to Coach Barrow and did a normal visit. He spent some time on campus. Coach Barrow did a phenomenal job and he did a great job at showing him the campus experience. The coaching staff was down to earth and that includes Coach Shannon. They did a great job."

For Brown, Butler elaborates, a visit isn't about being shown a potential lavish lifestyle, it is about getting a feel for how the school will be should he enroll in January.

"He isn't a big hoopla type of person, he just wanted to see what was going on and what it felt it was like to be apart of the team."

When breaking down both USC and Miami, Butler remained even keeled as he has been throughout the entire recruiting process. Every team that remains of Brown's list has and will be "exactly even."

"He could (attend) either one of them," Butler continued. "He couldn't lose on either place. I feel about the same way. He could close his eyes and point to a school and he'd make a great decision. He'd be fine and achieve goals either way. He'll graduate from either place."

Also remaining is North Carolina, Louisiana State, and Florida. Each program has an in-home visit left with Brown. The schedule for Brown will look like this:

Wednesday, December 5th – North Carolina Sunday, December 9th – Miami Monday, December 10th – USC Tuesday, December 11th – LSU Wednesday, December 12th – Florida

Following his final in-home visit, Brown will take the next five days with his family and Butler to come to a decision. He will make his announcement at 3:30 pm CT on December 17th at the Kansas Hall of Fame.

During this time, Butler says Brown will be invested in thought and prayer. The five days will be a time where Brown and his family can summarize their thoughts throughout the last year and the recruiting process. It is also a time when they will allow God to guide them in their decision.

The concept and application of prayer has been vital to the process for Brown thus far and will continue to be throughout this process and beyond it into his collegiate and professional life.

"(Prayer) is really the key to the decision," Butler said. We've known that for two years and knew when we approached this we would need a week. The process was supposed to have five days (we wanted seven) for prayer and to talk and for communication and being opening up for communication with God. That is how he'll make his decision."

Butler had great conviction that the decision that will be made during those five days will be the right one.

"If they question his decision it'll be totally based on God and if they question that, they really are questioning God," Butler said. "You can't deny your flesh and you need to open yourself up to your spiritual being. It is a way to making an important decision and it is a very good habit to have in life."

One of the most important aspects of a school that Brown will be looking for is the family atmosphere of the program. To specify, Butler believes the support system around him is of paramount importance.

"It is about support," Butler would describe. "And by support, it means always being around and be trusting, to tell the truth, and to pray for you and pray with you."

Butler would continue.

"It is all about someone that will be there for emotional and spiritual support over physical support. That is why a lot of people thought we'd stay close to home to Kansas State or Oklahoma. But, what I mean for family is the emotional and spiritual support."

Butler discussed his role as a spiritual mentor and in the recruiting process

"(Emotional and spiritual support) is one of my roles and it is the most important in the process – to give support through prayer and an honest opinion and answer."

When asked, Butler described Arthur Brown, the person.

"He is just a real humble kid, he is very strong in character and integrity," he described. "He is the most introspective kid that I've met. He is very detailed. Also, he is very spiritually in tuned and mature for his young age. He is truly a phenomenal kid."

Along for ride on Brown's official visits was his brother, Bryce, the number one rated running back by Scout.com for the 2009 recruiting season. Butler discussed Bryce's role and activity throughout the process.

"Bryce is just sitting back and isn't rushing. He is probably the number one player in his class, so he is more using it as a resource. He isn't making any decision, but is obviously learning. It'll make his process much smoother. Bryce is just chilling. He is just there for Arthur and supporting his brother. He doesn't really take part."

Also, in the decision making process, Butler discussed the potential plans of Brown's parents.

"No, they are not moving wherever Arthur goes to play," Butler said. "They mentioned about moving when the kids went to college. However, that has nothing to do with the school Arthur attends. Is it possible? It is possible, but it isn't nothing they will do. It all depends on what else they want to do."

Brown currently has a 2.89 GPA and has scored a 17 on the ACT.

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