Forston: "It was all business"

Miami Northwestern defensive tackle Marcus Forston spoke to about the latest following his team's high school National Championship. Marcus also talks about the commitment of Wichita East HS (KS) linebacker Arthur Brown.

This Saturday, Miami Northwestern went up to Orlando for the 6A Title game with a mission, win.

"Everything is alright now," Marcus Forston said. "We got our championship. It was all about business up there."

Forston has not lost a football game since his sophomore season. That loss was at the hands of Deerfield Beach, Northwestern's semi-final opponent. The Bulls avenged that loss this season with a final two minute drive that capped a comeback 19-14 win.

Following the win, the doubters picked apart Northwestern all week leading into their game against Orlando Boone. All of the clamoring about how ‘real' the Bulls were came to a screeching halt when they pounded the Braves 41-0.

"That whole week was the most focused we've been," Forston said. "They didn't know what was going to happen, and we knew what was on the line. People need to understand, every week we need to know where the power was. They beat us, they basically are on top, there needed to be a change."

Change is exactly what Forston (6-foot-2, 305 pounds) wants to bring to the University of Miami when he enrolls in the spring.

"We need to bring that tradition back…that tradition is on the line," Forston said. "People are different and don't want to see us on top. People don't know but people die for this program, and it would be big to bring it back to where it is supposed to be."

Throughout the entire recruiting process, Forston, a never wavering commit for the Hurricanes, has reinforced to head coach Randy Shannon that Miami's 5-7 season is irrelevant.

"This seasons recruiting class is going to bring us back," Forston said. "(Other teams will) say things about you. But don't worry, they'll come around, we'll work hard and year."

Forston has had to deal with the consistent negative recruiting against the Hurricanes throughout the entire process.

"I told (Coach Shannon), ‘do not worry about it, people will talk bad, they want to get the best player you have.'"

The negative recruiting is something Forston has tried to combat as an ambassador to the Hurricanes during the recruiting process. With rumors running ramped about the death of Redskins' safety and former Hurricane Sean Taylor, the talk of the decline of the Miami program and the number of years that head coach Randy Shannon had left on his contract floating around other recruits homes from opposing coaches, Forston has had to do away with those rumors. He has been in constant contact with several highly talented potential recruits for the Hurricanes.

Of those players was Wichita East High School (KS) linebacker Arthur Brown. Brown committed to the University of Miami on Monday. He chose Miami over USC, LSU, North Carolina, and Florida.

Brown's commitment to the Hurricanes signals a big win in recruiting for the Hurricanes. Forston has been in contact with Brown since the summer and has been pushing for Brown to join the Hurricanes top three recruiting class to bring Miami back to the top.

"I told (Arthur Brown) that this class is special and you need to be apart of it," Forston said. "If Arthur Brown and a couple of other guys come here, we would have the top rated class in the country. As soon as they all get here they can come in and have a chance to play early and change things."

Forston talked to Brown "two to three weeks" prior to Brown's commitment with encouraging words to join the class. Forston also keeps in contact with several other recruits that are still in the balance.

"I talk to Brandon Harris and Janoris Jenkins and some other guys with real talent," Forston said. "I'm on them to get in here."

Recently, Forston's team mate, quarterback Jacory Harris (also a Hurricane commitment) took a visit to Eugene, Oregon to visit the Ducks. Forston had a good time joking around with Harris. Forston would joke "Jacory isn't a real ‘Cane." All of it was simply fun and games for Forston who knew Harris wouldn't waver in his commitment.

"I was just joking around with him," Forston said. "He knows where his family is at and it isn't in Oregon. I even told him beforehand, he should take his visits. Those schools use up all of the scholarships they have and they want you to go, so just go and see how it is."

Forston though, wasn't one to take a similar trip. He received in-home visits from Florida, North Carolina, and Tennessee, however.

"I had that option," Forston said. "I gave other colleges a look because I had to see how it is, and I gave it a chance. But I know where my heart is at."

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