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Hurricanes commit Brandon Washington sat down with CanesTime.com and discussed the latest with his recruitment, including being a National Champion, his upcoming January visit schedule, his thoughts on Tim Walton, and more. Read on to find out the latest.

Brandon Washington was one of Miami's first commits in the 2008 recruiting class. Since he announced his intentions in late March of 2007, a lot has gone on with the Miami Northwestern guard. He is now a National Champion.

"Man, it was great," Washington said. "I felt good, it felt real special. Out there, I felt like a superstar. It was big to win a national and state title."

Washington's Bulls beat Orlando Boone 41-0 this past Saturday, cementing their legacy as one of the most dominant teams in high school football history. Miami Northwestern (15-0) went wire-to-wire as the nation's number one high school team. In the process, they won the Florida 6A State Title and walked away with the USA Today High School National Championship, an award given to the team finishing the season as USA Today's number one team in the nation.

Washington is one of potentially 11 division one football players on the championship Bulls squad. With so much talent on the roster, playing down to their competition was something the Bulls had to fight against doing every week.

"It feels great to play with that level of talent,' Washington said. "People always talk about Marcus Forston with the sack, or Sean Spence with the interception, but we had a lot of talent on that team and we never took anyone lightly and they certainly couldn't take us lightly."

Coming up next for Washington is a series of official visits to schools who are interested in getting his commitment from the Hurricanes. Currently recruiting Washington is Clemson, LSU, North Carolina, USF, and the University of Miami.

"I'm taking my trips jus to see what else is out there, what other people have to offer me," Washington said.

Washington's visit schedule begins in mid-January and will end on February 1st with the ‘Canes. A breakdown follows:

North Carolina - January 11th

LSU – January 18th

South Florida – January 24th

Miami – February 1st

Deciding to go on other visits was a big step for Washington. The hardest part was telling the Miami staff that he wanted to take the trips after being committed since March without being heavily recruited or swayed by other schools.

"At first, it was hard to tell them," Washington said. "It was just in my heart. I had to get out while I had the chance and (the coaches) had to understand. They have to respect me for what I want to do."

After some convincing, Washington received an o.k. from the Hurricanes staff. It was a moment where the relationship between the two strengthened.

"They showed confidence in me, and now we have that trust," Washington said. "I trust the coaches and that was big for me, I now have no second thoughts about committing."

As for his commitment to Miami, Washington says that the ‘Canes have nothing to worry about. Besides, he made a commitment to his Bulls teammates that they were going to the University of Miami to win a championship, and it is a bond he doesn't want to break and a promise he doesn't want unfulfilled.

"This is my hometown," Washington said. "I am going to come in and work hard because I want to play early. I want to turn this program around and get it back to a National Championship team."

Following Miami's 51-13 loss to Oklahoma, Washington says that the players at Miami Northwestern began to question their allegiance to the Hurricanes. However, it was he and Marcus Forston that would remain confident and lay out the goals for the Bulls that would go with them to the University of Miami.

"When Miami went out like that, some guys where thinking about things," Washington said. "But then we talked about it, we are going to make history. Marcus Forston and I explained it for all of them."

It is something that not only the Northwestern players feel. Washington stays in constant contact with Chaminade Madonna (FL) linebacker Jordan Futch and Anderson HS (FL) safety Joe Wylie and they constantly talk about bringing the Hurricanes back into national supremacy.

"We know exactly what we are going to do. We can't be the kids that go to school simply to play football," Washington said. "We are going in to win a National Championship and we are going to win it."

Going to school with friends is one of the aspects that Washington most enjoys about his commitment to Miami.

"It is great because I don't have to worry about not knowing anyone or getting new friendships," Washington said. "I can come in comfortable, that is how I want to feel when I get there."

Early in the week, the Hurricanes fired defensive coordinator Tim Walton. Walton was the main recruiter for Washington.

"That is sad, because you know, I had a relationship with him, that was who I talked to all of the time," Washington said. "He is a real good guy. I am sorry to hear that. I don't know why, but Randy is doing what he has to do. I talked to him a lot, and always told me to keep my head up, no matter what."

Does Walton's dismissal change anything?

"This won't change anything," Washington said. "Randy does what he has got to do. If he was a bad seed that is what had to happen. We had a good relationship and it developed so fast. I don't like losing someone, but Coach Shannon does what he has to do."

Washington is impressed though with the recent commitment of Wichita East (KS) linebacker Arthur Brown.

"Arthur Brown is a big time player," Washington said. "In terms of skills, the staff is doing a great job recruiting. Everyone is three or more stars and they'll all play right away."

With such an impressive class, Washington gives credit to Hurricanes head coach Randy Shannon.

"Coach Shannon is real smooth, he is a real man," Washington said. "When he says something he means it. He will tell you how it is and he wants to push you as far as you can go."

In recruiting, Miami has received some negative recruiting as of late in light of the Sean Taylor murder, it is something Washington will have none of when he goes on his trips.

"I say, ‘ya'll just sit around and watch this program," Washington said. "We are going to change it around and you are going to change your mind."

Washington reports a 2,8 GPA and he is currently waiting on his ACT score.

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