Super RB Loves Visit

This talented running back prospect has a scholarship offer from Miami and had been favoring the Hurricanes. However, a weekend visit up north may have changed things around a little bit. Read on to get the latest, including his comparison of the two depth charts.

At 5-foot-10 and 210 pounds, Pompano Beach (Fla.) Ely standout running back Tyrone Moss took his first official visit of the year this past weekend to Virginia Tech.

"It went really good," Moss said. "It was my first visit of the year so I was really looking forward to it and they showed me a great time. The game against Rutgers was pretty good. The entire team was real cool and I really liked the coaches."

The standout running back talked about some of the highlights of the visit.

"Well, when I first got there, I did an interview and saw it on TV later that night," he said. "Plus the fans really made me feel at home. They made it very comfortable to be there. Eric Green (Clewiston) was my host the first night and it was Kevin Jones the second night. At the end, I went into Frank Beamer's office and talked to him. He's a nice guy and he told me that I'm going to be the first player he visits when he goes on the road after the season. So I guess I'm pretty high on their chart."

So after the successful visit to Virginia Tech, where does that put the Hokies on his current list?

"They're definitely right near the top," he said. "I still like UM and I'll probably also visit N.C. State, Michigan State, and Michigan. That's it for now."

So how do the Hokies and Canes compare?

"Man," he said after pausing for a few seconds. "They're dead even right now. I really like UM but Virginia Tech was great. With Lee Suggs leaving after this year, it'll basically be just me and Kevin Jones and he could leave after his junior year. That's a great opportunity for me. At Miami, they have Willis McGahee [who will be a] junior and Frank Gore who will be a sophomore next year."

Moss, who has rushed for 709 yards and 12 touchdowns in five games this season, also had the chance to meet UM commitment Kyle Wright recently.

"I saw him at the Florida State game," he said. "He's a real cool guy and he's already committed to Miami."

The talented running back said there are a few upcoming events that will help make that decision easier.

"I'll definitely be at the Miami/Virginia Tech game later in the year," he said. "It should be a great game. I'll watch it and take mental notes. Then I have my visit to Miami and the in-home visit from Coach Beamer and Virginia Tech. It's going to be a tough decision."

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