Canes FB commit speaks

El Camino Junior College (CA) fullback Patrick Hill committed to the Hurricanes following his visit last Saturday. He talked with about his visit, his plans for the future and a new addition to his life.

In the next few months, life is going to pull a complete 180 for the Hurricanes newest commit, fullback Patrick Hill. He declared his intention to play for the University of Miami last weekend during his official visit, and what will follow will be some life altering events. First, he'll fly down to the University in early January for the beginning of the spring semester, and in between he'll be expecting the birth of his first child.

However, the first step in his journey to Miami was his trip and it stumbled out of the gate.

"We lost our luggage at the airport," Hill said with a hinted laugh. "I went with my mom and older brother. My mom loved it. She thinks it is a great opportunity not only on the field but off. As for me, it is one of the best campus' I've ever seen. It is real modernized. It is very open, they have a lake you can fish it. It is very different from California. I liked it a lot. As for the coaches, they look out for the best interest of the kids, which is great."

His first semester will be a busy one. Hill (5-foot-11, 248 pounds), is expecting his first child soon and is hoping to make his stay in Miami permanent. During the spring, not only will he have to work his way up the Hurricanes depth chart and focus on his work in the classroom, he will planning life in Miami for his girlfriend and child who will arrive during the summer.

"I am on break right now until I start at Miami," Hill said. "I'm just going to relax and work out. I have a baby shower coming up – it'll be my first and last for a while. I am going to work on getting situated in Miami permanently, but she is going to be coming down during the summer during camp. She'll be sending her support from back here for the spring."

When he arrives on campus, Hill will be one of three fullbacks on the roster expected to potentially play. Currently, the Hurricanes have Jerrell Mabry as the incumbent starter but they will bring in two newcomers. One being Hill and the other being Sebastian River's John Calhoun.

"I talk to Coach (Robinson) and he has told me that they need another key blocker on offense," Hill said. "They have a few fullbacks in the mix now, and that is just more to get the blocking game rolling. They need the fullback to block and catch maybe run when needed, but most importantly to be a team player."

Many fans and insiders believe that Hill will be the starter for the Hurricanes based on what they've seen from Hill on film. Gene Engle, Hill's offensive coordinator called him "the most devastating blocker he has ever seen." He also said that Hill could play "on any team in Division 1 football." All of the praise and the high expectations have not gotten to Hill, he expects to come in and work hard just like every other incoming member of the 2008 recruiting class.

"They won't be giving me anything off the bat," Hill said. "Whether or not I play early is completely on me. I feel if I do well, I'll be playing early though."

Hill made Miami his second official visit. His first to College Station to see Texas A&M went "fine" for Hill, but as a person who was city born and raised found the rural life not to his liking.

"It was just really different then Miami," Hill said. "When I was at Miami, the atmosphere was different. Even though everyone was on break and I couldn't see how campus life was going to be – it was like a desert island – I was able to see a little more at Miami than in Texas. It is just more of my type of place, there is just more around. Texas A&M was nice, but it was tough to judge coming from a city."

On his visit, Hill's he was hosted by his former team mate at El Camino – Hurricanes wide receiver Kayne Farquharson.

"He showed me around and gave me the low down. It was real cool," Hill said. "He told me that this tem is rebuilding and it is an honor to be apart of a program with its tradition and history. We are in this for the big picture and that is a National Championship."

Hill finished his sophomore season at ElCo being honored with a Second Team All Mission Conference. He was also awarded the Hardest Hitting Offensive Back on the ElCo squad – two honors he is very proud of considering he came from a team loaded with offensive talent. Two of which include soon-to-be rivals – current Florida State commits, running back Tavares Pressley, and wide receiver Corey Surrency.

"They ragged on me a lot when they found out I was going to Miami," Hill said. "We are real close, especially Tavares and me since I blocked a lot for him. I grew up with those guys – a lot of guys on that team, so it is going to be fun playing against them. They are good guys, and I really look forward to play against them next year."

Being around talented players is one reason that Hill believes he'll be successful at the next level because of the preparation the program gives players.

"El Camino is a phenomenal program that gets people ready for the next level," Hill said. "It provides a place to be seen and showcase their talent to the best programs in the country."

Speaking of talent, Hill has looked at the recruiting class that Miami is putting together, and he believes it is going to be one that gets them wins sooner rather then later.

"Man, they are bringing in some very talented player," Hill said. "If things pan out and guys try and stay focused we should be in the run for a title real soon."

Hill was named to one of ElCo's Top ten "Scholar Ballers" this season, meaning he was one of the top ten scholar athletes on the team with a GPA over 3.0 in his sophomore season.

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