UM prospects enjoy strong week

Four of the players in the Under Armour All-America Game are committed to Miami, while at least three others are considering the Canes. was there live all week and has the scouting report on how the future Canes looked.

#1 (Silver) Brandon Harris -- It became very clear early in the week by the coaches, the players, and those watching the practices that Harris was the best cornerback on the Silver team. While he doesn't have the size of some other kids (at 5-10 and 175), Harris is just a big time cover guy with excellent hips, speed, and ball skills. He plays hard all the time and showed some good leadership skills throughout the week. He shut everything down in practice all week and gave up nothing in the game on Saturday. He was recently bumped up to a 5-star prospect on and he looked like every bit of that and more this week. Harris played well enough this week to be considered a top 5 player in the state of Florida this year.

#4 (Silver) Aldarius Johnson -- Johnson went back and forth with A.J. Green throughout the week as the most impressive receiver for the Silver team. In fact, both players singled each other out as difference makers on the field during the week. Johnson has ideal size (6-2/195) to create mismatches against smaller corners. He'll catch balls over the middle, he'll block, and will outmuscle most DB's for balls. While he doesn't have 4.3 speed, he's plenty fast enough and shows some explosiveness. He had a couple catches in the game on Saturday and is clearly a player physically talented enough to compete for a starting job as a true freshman. He solidified a spot as one of the state's top 10 players with his performance this week.

#24 (Silver) Jamie Harper -- For a kid like Harper, it was tough to see him at his best this week. His combination of size and speed is tremendous and he showed some explosiveness during the week. However, the spread offense isn't where he'll excel the most. He's a downhill runner who goes between the tackles very well and is at his best when he touches the ball 20+ times a game to wear down opposing defenses. He's one of those rare backs who can be considered a power back and a speed back. He caught three passes, including a touchdown, in the game. After checking in at the Scout combines back in the spring in the 205 range, he's now around 225. He brings a lot to the table as a running back and looks like a top 12-15 kid in the state this year.

#72 (Silver) Brandon Washington -- It wasn't easy getting Washington to this game. He wasn't originally invited until another lineman left after a few practices. Washington got the call the same day his aunt died and he still came up and despite missing the first few practices, he still started. A lot of other players commented on how thick Washington was when he arrived. He carries his weight very well. When I first met Brandon as a sophomore at Edison, he was about 6-3 and 315. Almost two years later, he's 6-4 and 311. That tells you a lot about how hard he works to maintain his weight and how in shape the kid really is. He played left tackle and left guard throughout the week and was actually moved to right tackle during the game, a position he wasn't totally comfortable playing since he had never really played there. He projects as a guard in college and has all the physical tools to develop into a real good one.

#89 (Silver) Dwayne Allen -- Allen was one of two very good tight ends for the Silver team this week. Blake Ayles was the consensus pick as the top tight end on both sides throughout the week in practice. At 6-3 and about 240, Allen is a strong, physical kid who has some ability in the passing game. He made a nice catch over the middle in the game on Saturday.

#4 (Red) Ramon Buchanan -- Buchanan was as fast and as explosive as any linebacker on either side of the ball this week. He went back and forth between will and mike and consistently made plays throughout. He was actually the leading tackler in the game on Saturday. His closing speed is tremendous. He looks fast enough and athletic enough to play safety in college and at about 190 pounds, he has ideal size for a safety. He's also an outstanding linebacker and it's impressive when you think of how explosive this kid is now compared to when he's able to put on 15-20 pounds at the next level. Buchanan proved this week why he's widely considered one of the state's top 10 prospects.

#35 (Red) Sean Spence -- If you ask any of the coaches from the Red team who was at practice all week about the smartest players on the field, Spence was usually the first name they mentioned. The kid was always around the ball. He's not the biggest, fastest, or even most athletic kid on the field but his football skills and instincts are incredible. He just knows where to be at the right time. I guess that's what happens when all you've done is play linebacker since the age of 4. Spence was actually playing a position he wasn't used to playing in this game. They had him at sam linebacker. He'll likely be a will or mike in college. At sam, he did an excellent job of keeping Ayles, the best tight end here all week, in check. Ayles, after a great week of practice, was very quiet in this game and Spence had a lot to do with that. He's just a great football player who's only going to get better as he continues getting bigger, faster, and stronger at the next level. He clearly proved to everyone that he has to be considered one of the top 10-12 prospects in the state of Florida this year.

General: While it seems like those are very positive scouting reports on the Miami guys, I was actually a little surprised at how well they looked as a group. It's one thing to have such a high opinion of the in-state kids after having watched them this season but when they continue standing out amongst a bunch of other All-Americans, that says something. Bottom line -- this is a great group of football players, there's no question about that.

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