4-star LB set for visit

In the next few weeks, Miami will be hosting a number of players making their official visits. Of which will be Jackson Central-Merry HS (TN) linebacker Gavin Hardin. Read on for the latest regarding his recruitment.

Gavin Hardin (6-foot-4, 245 pounds) is making his rounds and on January 18th, the Hurricanes will host him for his official visit.

"Everything is going good right now, next Friday I am going down to Miami for a visit," Hardin said. "I know going down to Miami, it is going to be a beautiful campus…it is Miami (after all)."

Hardin last talked to the his recruiter for the Hurricanes, tight ends and special teams coach Joe Pannuzzio, earlier in the week. He considers Miami in his "top two" right now, along side the team his currently committed to, Ole Miss. The Rebels recently went through a coaching change, which gives Hardin some things to think about.

"I still talk to (the Ole Miss coaching staff), and it is still going good," Hardin said. "I might visit them on the 25th (of January) but I've been there three or four times so I might take another visit to North Carolina or Tennessee. I've talked to Coach Nutt two or three times, but I talk a lot with their linebacker coach (Tyrone Nix). I don't really know him though like I knew (the old staff)."

Despite still being committed to Ole Miss, Hardin feels the two schools recruiting him the most are Kentucky, who he will be visiting this Friday and Miami, who he currently does not have an offer from.

"They haven't offered me, but I'll be making my decision on signing day," Hardin said. "I'll talk to them, there is still plenty of time left. Signing day is in early February, that is still a while away."

Hardin is being looked as a linebacker, but believes once he gets on campus, he'll be putting his hand down to play defensive end.

"Right now, all of the schools are talking about me at linebacker, but I think I'll move to defensive end," Hardin said. "They like me coming off the edge, but it doesn't matter, whatever I can do to help out the defense, I'll do."

Hardin also plans on playing early wherever he goes.

"Everyone talks about me potentially playing early in my freshman year," Hardin said. "Going in as a freshman, it doesn't always happen, but I don't plan on sitting on the bench. I plan on doing what I do best. Playing time is on my mind, and it doesn't matter who is in front of me. I don't pay attention to who is in front of me, my mindset going is regardless of the good recruits and top ranked classmates, I want to compete."

Hardin got a first hand look at the competition in the state of Tennessee in December when he went to the Toyota East-West Tennessee All Star Game.

"The game was great," Hardin said. "We didn't win, but meeting the people around Tennessee was great. It was different in terms of game speed. Me playing in the region I play it, it got to a point where I played so much, the offense slowed down, but not there, it was all top ranked players, they were on point, and it was different. I did well though."

Moving on to college is more then just football for Hardin. Education is of the utmost importance. He has made strides academically, recently re-taking the ACT.

"I had good grades this past semester, all A's and B's," Hardin said. "My GPA is around a 2.67-2.8 (B-average). I took my first ACT in my junior year and I scored a 15. Coaches are telling me I need an 18, and I took it again in December. I'm waiting on my score now. But I also have another one to take in February. I am going to keep taking it until I get more then what I need."

Hardin, who plans on majoring in business, also wants his school to provide him with a family atmosphere.

"Going to college, the coaches, they care about you, they want you to see what kind of big family atmosphere they have, and that is what I am looking for," Hardin said.

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