Holton: 'I needed to be there'

Wakulla HS (FL) and Miami Hurricanes commit C.J. Holton sat down with CanesTime and discusses the latest in his recruitment.

Wakulla High School (FL) safety C.J. Holton recently made a big decision to change his commitment from Florida State to the University of Miami. It was a decision that took some time to come to fruition, however, Holton believes it was the right one.

"Something about Florida State forced me to change it," Holton said. "Academically, Miami has smaller class rooms and when I went down there and watched them practice, something told me I needed to be there. It was a long process for me. When it was all said and done, I needed to be there and I knew Florida State won't be the place for me. It was going to be bad, and when (FSU started to) recruit you, like they are now, (I knew it was going to be bad up there). Some of the players still there, now thought about it like I did (in reference to looking elsewhere)."

Holton participated in the North versus South All-Star game that featured the stars of North and South Florida. He was able to meet some of his future teammates.

"It was pretty good, I got to meet a lot of people," Holton said. "I talked to C.J. Odoms, I talked to Jordan Futch and Ramon Buchanan and they were telling me about Miami. It was just a good time, pretty funny meeting those guys."

Also, he was able to realize a few things about what to expect from playing major D1 football when he was able to play some of the best players in the country in the game.

"I was expecting it to be a lot different," Holton said. "As the game went on, I realized the game was at my speed. I was expecting everyone to be faster. Also, instead of just one guy making all of the tackles, it was lots of guys making plays."

Working hard is the key to success at the next level, for Holton.

"You just need to work harder, because everyone is good at the next level," Holton said.

The Hurricanes announced the hiring of a new defensive coordinator on Thursday. Former Kansas defensive coordinator Bill Young will take over the reigns from Tim Walton in Coral Gables. The decision doesn't make a difference to Holton.

"I am going to be there playing with the recruits they have coming it…I see big things ith that group, it doesn't matter who the guy is," Holton said. "I haven't learned anything yet, so it is not going to effect me at all, it isn't like I have learned one thing and now have to learn something new, and it doesn't matter, not at all."

On signing day, Holton won't be making a big fuss about the school of his choice, simply a ceremony at his high school with his teammates, of which, they too will be making decisions on their future.

"I am close to all of my teammates and I respect their choices," Holton said. "If they asked, I would strongly advise them on where to go, because some of them have grades and some of them don't."

Holton reports a 2.4 GPA and a 15 on the ACT that was retaken. He is hoping to get a qualifying score of a 16. During the spring, Holton will be participating in track, running the 4x100 and 100 meter as well as working out and working on improving his grades.

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