Harper returns from Clemson; onto UF, UM

Trinity Christian Academy HS (FL) running back Jamie Harper recently came back from his official visit to Clemson. Read on for the latest.

Jamie Harper is one of many top flight recruits coming down to the final stretch of the 2008 recruiting trail and the next few weeks will be vital to their decision being made in early February when letter's of intent are due.

Harper returned this week from his official visit to Clemson. It was a trip he took with teammate Daniel Andrews, who made a commitment to the Tigers. Harper however, still feels he needs to wait on a decision.

"I went to Clemson last week and had a pretty good time," Harper said. "I've been there several times, and there wasn't much else to show me, but they showed me a good time. Things went as expected."

Harper also received an in-home visit this week from Tiger's head coach Tommy Bowden.

"It was pretty nice, Coach Bowden is a nice guy to be around," Harper said. "My dad does all of the question and answer stuff because he is handing his son over to someone and he need to make sure someone will be there to take care of him. I am looking for a family atmosphere, because family sticks together, and a school that is family oriented will be a great place to be around."

Up next for Harper are official visits to Florida and Miami.

It had long been rumored that Harper and Andrews, friends, would commit to the same program and pursue their collegiate endeavors together. However, Harper believes that when it comes to football, he has to make the best decision for himself.

"It (going to the same school as Daniel Andrews) happens, it happens," Harper said. "We have known each other for a long time, but this is football, I have to make my own decision, he made his."

Harper continued.

"I talked to Daniel when we went on our visit together and he told me that he just wanted to see everything and how it was there, he really liked it, it helped him make his decision, but I still have some work to do," Harper said.

Next up for Harper is a trip to Gainesville to see the Gators and then to Coral Gables for his official visit to the University of Miami.

"Florida, being local, from a recruiting perspective, has that tradition for guys around here," Harper said. "They have a great head coach and style of play, but the only negative is that they lost their running back coach recently."

Harper continued to talk about former Florida running back coach Stan Drayton who moved on to coach the Volunteers of Tennessee.

"We talked a lot and kept in touch, we were close," Harper said. "But he was basically telling me he wanted to make a career move and he couldn't do it at Florida, now I have to make a move, I respect him for what he told me. It doesn't matter too much, because if I want to go to Florida, I'll go to Florida, if I go to Miami, I'll go to Miami."

Near or far from home and regardless of the style of offense, Harper believes he will be able to adapt to the style of play at the school he chooses.

"I can adapt to any environment," Harper said. "I feel like I'll be ok, distance doesn't mean anything, playing time doesn't effect anything. I'll get an opportunity to show what I am capable of, it will all work out."

Harper compares his style to that of LaDainian Tomlinson and Emmitt Smith.

"I have a combination of size, power, speed, and elusiveness," Harper said. "LT has it all together, very well rounded, and he is a hard worker, that is what I like most about him. Emmitt had that long lasting career and always did the correct thing. I love his ball security; I don't think he fumbled more than 5 times throughout his career."

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