Kane: 'Other schools don't compare to Miami'

Toms River High – North (NJ) linebacker Zach Kane took his official visit to Coral Gables this past weekend. Read on to see what he had to say.

This weekend was a big one for the University of Miami as it hosted eight players for official visits. Of the group included four committed players and four players still undecided. Of the group who have pledged their commitment to the Hurricanes was New Jersey linebacker Zach Kane.

The Toms River – North HS star was quite fond of his visit.

"It was awesome, it was Miami," Kane said. "More than I expected it to be. The players and coaches were real nice and all of the players were real cool."

Kane (6-foot-2, 215 pounds) was hosted by linebacker Colin McCarthy, who, like Kane, came into the University of Miami at 215 pounds.

"He was real cool," Kane said. "The thing is this, linebackers that came in to Miami didn't weigh much, like (former linebacker and current linebacker coach) Mike Barrow was barely over 200-pounds and Ray Lewis came in at like 205, and Colin came in real light too, so it was cool to have a guy I can relate too in what we need to happen when we get to the University of Miami. I also hung out with (Jason) Fox and hung out at his house. I really look forward to playing with those guys."

Kane arrived to Coral Gables on Friday. The first thing he did was meet with his recruiting coach, offensive line coach Jeff Stoutland.

"On Friday we went around campus and showed me around and just settled into the hotel," Kane said. "Saturday, I had the physical and they showed me all around the football locker room and practice field. We went out to dinner with Colin and the players. We went out at night on Friday night to Coconut Grove and also hit up a frat party and hung out with my future roommates Jake Wieclaw and Cannon Smith. They were real cool."

Following his physical on Saturday, Kane sat down with Coach Barrow and Strength and Conditioning Coach Andreu Swasey on what Kane can expect when he gets to Coral Gables in the summer.

"They told me not to come down and try and compete with the guys physically that have been here for a few years under their strength and conditioning program," Kane said. "They told me to simply come in and start comparing myself with the guys you come in with."

Kane also went Dolphins' Stadium on Saturday.

"We went to Dolphins' Stadium, it was absolutely crazy with all of the TVs they had," Kane said. "Later on that night me and a bunch of the guys went to South Beach to see the Roy Jones Jr. fight. I was able to meet Jon Beason which was cool. Later that night we went to a couple clubs and just had a good time."

Kane was able to meet head coach Randy Shannon.

"He is a cool guy, we had lunch and dinner and were around South Beach," Kane said. "He has been, since he visited my house, just a great guy. No one had bad things to say about him. I asked the other players and coaches about him to see if there were any quirks or downfall, but they had nothing but good things."

He was also able to meet some of his classmates that already arrived on campus as early entrants.

"I was able to meet Jake (Wieclaw) and Cannon (Smith) and also able to meet Arthur Brown," Kane said. "He was a real good guy, me and him kind of reflect to one another. We have that same attitude, just very laid back and while we didn't talk much, we can definitely get along well."

When it was all said and done, Kane was convinced that Miami was the right choice.

"I am not even going to bother visiting anywhere else," Kane said. "With Coach Stoutland at my house, and after (Head Coach) Shannon came over and I felt comfortable, I don't need anymore visits. I have a real good feeling with the players and coaching staff. The visit was real exciting. The only thing that Miami wants me to do is get a little heavier."

What other schools offered couldn't compare to what Miami offered Kane.

"I have been to UConn and Rutgers a bunch of times, but they don't really compare to Miami," Kane said. "The weather, the activities, and the fact that I'll live there for the next four to five years, I figured a few things came into play like the class sizes, they really have good class sizes."

The plans for Kane over the next few months is simple…work out and just try and improve on his physical numbers.

"I'll be enrolling in the fall, I just have to finish the last few months of school," Kane said. "I have to get a little thicker, but the coaches told me not to worry. I am now thinking about joining the track team because the coaches want me to get a little faster and versatile before they put weight on me."

What can Kane expect from Miami when he gets down there?

"They don't want me to hesitate when I get down there," Kane said. "They just want me to hit as much and as hard as I did in high school. They know I'll make mistakes, but they don't want me to hesitate while trying to play perfect and make those stutter steps. They just want me to react to the ball, and what happens, happens, but just go out there and hit someone, and we'll build from there."

"I'll play linebacker and play special teams, they said I'll have a good spot on special teams," Kane said.

Kane also played fullback for Toms River – North, he believes his experience at the position helps him at linebacker.

"The fullback blocks for the linebackers and when I made the move to offense, I noticed it was helping me out," Kane said. "I don't think I'll play fullback in college, but playing it before definitely is a head start at linebacker."

So, what kind of player is Zach Kane?

"A lot of coaches think I'm old school like a (Dick) Butkus hitting the holes," Kane said. "But I think I might have to change that up at the next level. I need to be more versatile and I need to work on defending the pass and be able to adjust a bit."

Who does he base his game after?

"I look up to Brian Urlacher," Kane said. "He is a linebackers dream. Just making plays, being a giant like him. He is a just a special player."

Kane reports a 2.7 GPA and a 960 on the SAT.

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