Cane recruits at the Dade/Broward game

One final All-Star game took place last night at Lockhart Stadium in Fort Lauderdale, as the annual Dade/Broward Game took place. There were several players being recruited by Miami who played in the game and was there to catch all the action.

Broward won the game by the score of 14-13 and here's a recap of each of the Miami prospects performed.

Dade, #1, CB/WR Brandon Harris -- The best prospect on the field last night, Harris was his typical self at corner -- locking everything down and shutting down his opponent, despite giving up some size. Harris also played some on offense and although he didn't have any catches, he forced the Broward defense to put special attention on him because of his ability to make plays. The best play of the night was a one-handed interception he made in the endzone. The opposing receiver ran his route and Harris actually read his hands and eyes and made the interception at the very last second, as he turned towards the ball. It was almost like a no-look interception, showing you the type of instincts this kid really has. He was also involved in the return game and had about a 35-yard kickoff return, which was one of those returns that made everyone in the stands rise to their feet in anticipation. Harris was also honored at halftime as the Dade County Player of the Year. Again, just like every time I've seen him compete since the summer before his junior year, he looked like a big time prospect and a legit 5-star corner.

Dade, #2, WR, Davon Johnson -- Playing receiver, Johnson didn't have any catches. He struggled to get open against some good Broward defensive backs. Speed is the name of the game and Johnson does that as well as anyone. Everyone on the field respects his speed and that'll give him some more opportunities. He was also involved in the return game and had a 32-yard kick return, in which he showed a tremendous second gear. While he's not real polished yet, his speed and explosiveness is very impressive and he's a threat on every snap.

Dade, #4, WR, Thearon Collier -- I don't know who won the MVP of the game (it probably went to someone on the Broward side since they won) but Collier deserved it. He was, by far, the best receiver on either side of the ball. No matter who covered him and no matter how much they rolled the safety to his side, Collier just kept making plays. I counted at least nine catches for him (over 100 yards) -- six went for first downs and two went for touchdowns. He just really understands how to play the position. He reads defenses really well, runs great routes, catches the ball well in traffic, blocks, and is quick enough to make things happen after the catch. He might not be as big and as fast as some other receivers but he's a great football player who has produced every time he's stepped onto the field. After watching him last night on a field full of all-stars, I'm convinced he's the second best receiver UM has committed next to Aldarius Johnson. I'd be shocked if he's not in the rotation as a true freshman next season.

Dade, #5, WR, Kendal Thompkins -- Playing the slot, Thompkins didn't have any catches and was only thrown to one time. Some of that may have had to do with the QB being from Booker T. and being more on the same page with Collier. He lined up as a punt return man a few times but was unable to return any. He's a slot receiver because of his size and quickness.

Dade, #38, CB, George Baker -- While rotating in and out of the game at corner, Baker sure does have plenty of speed. Thet enables him to take some chances and things like that. He looked a little rusty at times playing corner (his primary position in H.S. was running back) but at 5-10+, he sure does have plenty of speed.

Dade, #45. LB, Brandon Marti -- I love the way he plays. Whether it's at linebacker or on special teams, he's always going 100 MPH. He's fun to watch. He attacks blockers with authority, runs really well, and always seems to be around the ball. He just needs to break down and make the tackle instead of just throwing his body into ball carriers. From a technique standpoint, he needs to be coached up on how to tackle. From a size/speed/aggressiveness standpoint, he has a lot of things you can't coach. On special teams, he's just runs through people like he's trying to run through a brick wall. He's a throwback type -- one who should be fun to watch at Miami over the next few years.

Dade, #64, OT, Benjamin Jones -- Playing right tackle, Jones looked very impressive again last night. His size, coupled with his long arms and quick feet, makes him an excellent tackle prospect. He was able to get downfield better than any other lineman on either side of the ball. He showed some aggressiveness and just needs to continue learning how to play the position -- how to pick up on different moves by defensive ends and things like that. He has all the tools to become a very good tackle in college. Behind Matt Patchan, Jones is the best OT prospect I've seen in Florida this year among seniors.

Dade, #72, OL, Brandon Washington -- Playing left tackle, Washington is excellent when asked to drive block straight ahead. When he knows his role is to maul the guy in front of him, he's ideal. Playing tackle, he struggled with the speed rush at times and has a hard time adjusting to different moves the defensive guys are doing. However, when he gets his hands on you, it's done. It was a classic example of watching a very good offensive lineman playing tackle one last time before moving inside to play guard in college.

Broward, #44, S, Joseph Wylie -- One thing's for sure and actually surprised me a bit -- Wylie's definitely built the right way. He looks like an NFL safety in pads. Playing free safety, he showed tremendous athleticism. He runs well, covers a lot of ground, and when he and the opposing receiver have to jump for a ball, Wylie's always the one getting to the highest point. He's not real physical yet and will be able to develop better ball skills but he has a lot of the physical tools you look for in a safety and is clearly a top 100 kid in Florida.

Broward, #90, DE, Andrew Smith -- He started the game playing right end. Unfortunately, each team was doing a rotation at both RE and LT (on offense) so he didn't get a chance to line up against Brandon Washington very much (only a couple snaps). When he's motivated and playing hard, he comes off the ball hard and does a good job chasing. He just needs to develop a more consistent motor and continue adding upper body strength. He's athletic enough.

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