Congrats to UM's Players & Coaches

Congratulations goes out to the University of Miami players and coaches for extending their winning streak to a school record 29 games.

Congrats for trying the school record with 29 straight wins. It's amazing what this program has accomplished. During that time, we've had two U.S. presidents, two UM presidents, two offensive coordinators, two defensive coordinators, two new head coaches, and I've seen the word "suck" used in reference to out football team roughly 41,000 times during that time span. Lots has happened, but the important thing is that we keep winning.

Ken Dorsey was awesome again, proving why he's the MVP of college football. He'll probably get criticized as usual by many UM fans, but all he does is win. His career day was outstanding today. In addition, he set several school record, proving why he's the best quarterback we've ever had here.

Willis McGahee again came to play. Unfortunately, he had two fumbles but he ran well all afternoon and again provided big play after big play. With close to 200 yards of total offense again and three more touchdowns, he was a very important part of today's success.

Quadtrine Hill was very good again, both with his blocking ability (which improves every week) but especially his pass-catching skills.

Andre was Andre, as usual. He continues to make big plays every week. He was 6 inches away from getting three more touchdowns today.

Congrats to the offensive line for controlling the line of scrimmage all afternoon. Unfortunately, they allowed a sack but when you throw it 44 times, that's bound to happen. It had been close to 100 pass attempts since that happened before today. They also dominated the line of scrimmage, especially in the second half.

The secondary again played extremely well. Our corners are very good cover guys and both safeties came to play. Sean Taylor's all over the field.

While our run defense needs to improve, we also need to shore up our struggles on special teams and we also need to create more turnovers on defense. Last year this game was 14-3 at halftime at the Orange Bowl and a couple turnovers and a huge punt return blew things open and made it 35-3 five minutes later. We need to gain that advantage back.

Again, congratulations to the coaches and players for winning again. They're still the champions. Do we need to improve in certain areas? Yes. Are we beatable? Of course. Are we still No. 1? Yes, until someone proves it. What about the BCS? Who cares.

Rutgers, you're next.

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