Odom: 'Right now, it is about test taking'

Fort Myers HS (FL) safety CJ Odom talked with CanesTime.com about his academic situation and what lengths he is going to, to be able to enroll in the fall. Read on for the details.

"Things are going great," Odom said. "I can't even tell where my situation is at right now with the classes I am talking. I am taking one new class and then re-doing an English class I need to retake, and that should only take about a month."

Odom (6-foot-1, 207 pounds) has dedicated this last year to improving his grades as to ensure he makes it into school by this summer.

"The (Miami) coaches are pushing me to get done what I need to get done ahead of time," Odom said.

Along with a 2.5 GPA, Odom hopes to improve his score on the SAT this weekend, when he takes the SAT this weekend. It is the last opportunity for seniors to take the test before Signing Day.

"I just got back from my SAT prep class," Odom said. "Right now, it is all about school. I am taking classes that are needed and the ones that I need to retake so I can get in. I am also working on getting a better score on the SAT by taking these prep classes they are helping me out a lot. If everything goes well, I'll be there by the fall."

Odom played in the Florida All-Star game which featured the best from the state of Florida.

"I felt I only played average," Odom said. "I had like five tackles, 1 forced fumble, and a broken up pass."

Odom believes the experience though, was worth it.

"I went in knowing I had to learn new skills and begin practicing things I didn't in high school," Odom said. "Now I know what I have to do when I get to college. I just went out there and had fun and worked on the little things."

Along with improving his academics, this spring will be dedicated to improving his conditioning.

"Man, one thing I learned at the All-Star game was I need to do running, running, and more running," Odom said. "The majority of what I need to improve on is my running. I got to get my endurance up for sure. I feel that any time I am off the field for longer then two weeks, I come back not where I want to be. I also want to be in the weight room as much as possible too, but really, its all about test taking."

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