Wylie: 'Not getting in only a minor setback'

Boyd H. Anderson HS (FL) safety Joe Wylie sat down with Canes Time and discussed the Dade versus Broward game and his thoughts on not being able to get to campus early. Read on for the details.

This past weekend, the Dade and Broward All-Stars squared off in their annual game. Many Hurricane prospects took part in the game, including Boyd H. Anderson safety Joe Wylie.

"We won 14-13 and it was fun to play against the best in Dade, so all-in-all, it as a good two weeks for me," Wylie said.

Wylie (6-foot-2, 189 pounds) was shocked at the level of talent on both sides, despite playing against many of those players throughout his high school season.

"The game made it seem like everyone was that much better," Wylie said. "When you were focusing on your assignment and having to worry about everyone else's job in (high school when you are one of the best players on the team) you can't focus like you can when you are in an All-Star game."

Wylie continued.

"A lot of the players I played against in high school I knew were better, but when they played in this game, they just looked that much better," Wylie said.

Wylie believes that the next level will provide many of those on All-Star teams with chances to shine because they can focus on their game and their assignment.

"Here, you see some of these players and are like, ‘wow' because now, they have help and they don't have to compensate. On an All-Star team with everyone on an equal level, all you have to do is take care of yourself. You can be free to do your thing at your position and trust me, you look better."

Who were some of the players that were able to step up and perform well during practices?

"The linebacker from Hollywood Hills, Alex Pattee, he committed to FAU, he was huge, and the cornerback from Deerfield (Jerral Stewart) during 7-on-7's and 11-on-11's, I was blown away when they stepped up and concentrated. Man, they were talented," Wylie said.

What did Wylie think of his performance?

"I actually played the whole game, even special teams," Wylie said. "I had a solid game. I didn't have any interceptions, but our defense had four-to-five turnovers and we held them. We played a solid game and made key plays on defense."

Wylie, who will wear number 11 when he puts on a jersey for the Hurricanes was set to enroll at Miami in the spring, however he was missing a credit on his transcript to get in early.

"Everything isn't perfect, and it isn't the way I wanted it to be, but everything will work itself out," Wylie said. "Nothing is wrong at all, I'm going to be a ‘Cane and everything is fine, but other then not getting in early, everything is fine."

Wylie continued.

"It came down to a single credit, some credit I didn't have, but I am going to take the course over again," Wylie said. "I'll be done on time, it wasn't an NCAA thing, but I am just taking care of it now so I'll be alright."

Despite disappointment, the Hurricane coaching staff kept Wylie's spirits high and encouraged him to not to get too upset about the situation.

"Basically the coaches were telling me that it was only a minor setback and they didn't want me to get too down and too upset, because things will work out and I'll be a ‘Cane regardless," Wylie said. "Like I said, just a minor setback, things didn't go as played, it's just the situation I was given and I'm taking care of it, and in the end, I'll be a ‘Cane so I'll be alright."

The next few months are going to easy academically for Wylie, but he realizes that he needs to keep working out and working on developing his physical numbers for the next level.

"I'll just be working on classes and working out, putting on weight, trying to keep up the footwork," Wylie said. "I noticed during the off-season of my junior year when I didn't work out or tried putting on weight or worked on my footwork that I'd lose weight and speed. Now that I have to transition, I need to keep my footwork up so I can contribute somehow."

Wylie has spoken with the coaching staff about his future role with the Hurricanes.

"From talking with Coach McGriff, I'll be a safety," Wylie said. "As a freshman, they just want me to get on the field and contribute, so I won't be moving around."

How will Wylie be working out?

"For me, I am just going to go to the gym and see my trainer," Wylie said. "We are working on getting me bigger and in better condition while keeping my speed."

Wylie still keeps in contact with his host at Miami, as well as a local cornerback.

"Ever since I was on my visit, I've talked to Eric Houston, he was my host," Wylie said. "We talk frequently as do I and Demarcus Van Dyke. We all talk as much as possible."

Wylie reports a 3.2 GPA and an SAT score of a 920.

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