Holton Talks About Official Visit

Crawfordville, FL 4 star safety C.J. Holton took his official visit to Miami this weekend. The ‘Canes commit had a great time. Read on to see what he had to say about how it went.

C.J. Holton took his official visit to Coral Gables to see the Hurricanes' campus and meet some of the coaches. His main goal for the visit was to get an inside look at Miami's academic programs, and he came away impressed.

"It was perfect, I mean it was not too big, and I got to see inside the classrooms and there weren't very many seats, only like 30 or 40," Holton said. "Everything was great…hust the people, everyone was real nice. There was great atmosphere."

Holton, who was hosted by Ryan Hill, wasn't the only one impressed by the visit. He brought his mom, her friend, and brother on the trip.

"They loved it. My mom's friend said it was one of the best trips she's ever taken. My mom loved it."

Holton also got a chance to meet some of the coaches, including Bill Young and Aubrey Hill.

"I met the new defensive coordinator and the new wide receivers coach for the first time. The defensive coordinator is great. I ate with him a few times. After the meal we kind of talked some X's and O's. I talked to the receivers coach about where he was from, where he's played at, that kind of thing.

Holton also got to speak to Coach Shannon.

"We talked the first day I got here, and before I left my mom chatted with him for a while. He is going to come see me Thursday. He talked to my mom and my brother."

"We went over the same thing. He talked about my ACT score and how it needs to go up to get in for the summer."

Can Holton get that score up?

"Oh yea, there's no doubt in my mind about that," he said. "I'm waiting for my latest score which should be coming any day now. I haven't checked the website since Thursday. I'm also registered to take it again on Februrary 8th."

Holton made several friends on the visit and spoke about some of the recruits he bonded with.

"Brandon Harris, Alonzo Lawrence, and Davon Johnson. Those are the guys who I was really chatting with."

"Ryan Hill was my official host, but we all kind of hung out together. Reddick was supposed to be my host originally. We just all hung out anway."

Holton said that the visit had a profound effect on several of his fellow visitors.

"Definitely Brandon Harris, Alonzo Lawrence, and Brandon Marti," he said about who he thought the visit might have impressed the most. "I think definitely Brandon Harris and Alonzo Lawrence were the most impressed.

Holton will go back home and await his newest ACT score. On Thursday, he will receive an in-home visit from Coach Shannon. National Signing Day is on February 6th.

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