Futch has a busy spring ahead

Hurricanes commitment linebacker Jordan Futch is spending his free time in the spring wisely. Read on t find out what Jordan has been up to and what the plans are for him when he gets to Coral Gables.

The spring ahead for former Chaminade Madonna linebacker and current Miami Hurricane commit Jordan Futch is one where he will be able to focus strictly on football. No, he won't be practicing and working out with his teammates and future head coaches, but he will a regular on campus and will be preparing with a personal trainer to improve on his size and speed.

"Things are good right now," Futch said. "I'm working out right now trying to get bigger faster and stronger. It is all about working out and working hard."

Futch (6-foot-3, 205 pounds) has a day long regiment of workouts. He wakes up at 6 a.m. in the morning working on his weight training. He then goes to speed camp later in the day to focus on his speed. He will be working out at Trainers ‘R' Us under Mario Smith. Smith has been the trainer that has helped Futch develop physically since he was in seventh grade.

"I was running a 5.2 seventh grade, and ever since I've been working on it," Futch said. ‘My trainer has me down to a 4.4- 4.5 right now. Mario has done a great thing as has Antoine Chambers (former Arena League standout and Michigan alum) with me."

Along with his speed, Futch will focus on his strength.

"They are getting me stronger, getting my max up," Futch said. "Right now I max 325 pounds an maxed out maybe ten times at 220."

The workout regiment doesn't keep him away from his home away from home, the University of Miami Coral Gables campus. Futch was/is a regular at the Hecht Athletic Center. Throughout the fall, he was at most practices, watching, learning, studying.

"Every chance I get I go to Miami," Futch said. I talk to the guys and see what is going on. From now until signing day I'll be there every day. I'm getting more acquainted with the new defensive coordinator. I met him on Friday when i was there. I'll sign the paper work and then I can continue to focus on working out by myself."

Futch, despite not being on campus officially, still gets together with many of his future teammates.

"I talk to them all of the time," Futch said. "Arthur Brown was at my house recently, and he told me how excited they are. They are enthused despite the workouts being tough. They love it, the whole college life, the freedom, even the killer workouts. I try to get down there as much as I can."

Being as close to campus as he is, Futch believes it has given himself an advantage over the competition.

"I think staying close to home at Miami is a benefit," Futch said. "Kenny (Phillips) and other guys who lived close by like Santana Moss. It has been a help for me and I feel like I get my stuff done because of it. I got to watch practices this year and I can tell you what blitzes they ran and everything. I have a relationship with the players because I was able to stay close to home. I am happy to stay home. I have a better chance at playing time because of it."

The Hurricanes recently hired a new defensive coordinator in former Kansas co-defensive coordinator Bill Young. Futch is excited about the potential of a Young-run Hurricane defense.

"He is a great guy. He reminds me of one of my old high school coaches a bit," Futch said. He is a nice guy and heard nothing but great things about his defense. I am going to watch some film on him that I got from him, so I'll be watching a lot of Kansas. I love the way he runs a defense."

Futch believes that Young will be able to utilize something he didn't have on his Kansas defense this season, speed.

"He asked me ‘what is your speed?'," Futch said. "The fastest linebacker he had at Kansas was a 4.8 guy and here I am running a best 4.48, most runs in the 4.5's. He loves the speed this defense will have."

Both Young and Futch carry a similar interest, watching film…lots of it.

"I love watching film so he gave me film to watch in the spring," Futch said. "He does too, so I can't wait to play for him. He played around numerous great programs, and Coach Shannon wants a great defensive coordinator, I think he is and I look forward to playing for him."

Futch also wants to develop a relationship with the Hurricanes new wide receivers coach Aubrey Hill.

"He seems like a nice guy," Futch said. "He has a lot to offer since he played for Florida. He was a pretty good wide receiver and he expects great things from this group. The wide receiver core I talk to is excited to have him on board. Hopefully I'll talk to him more because Coach Nix is trying to get me to play a little tight end."

Tight idea of playing on some offense for the Hurricanes excites Futch.

"I love the idea, I have always been about the idea," Futch said. "I never came off the field, I played both ways in high school, so it comes natural." Receiver comes natural to me. However, I always wanted to be a linebacker, I like to hit."

Offense, defense, it doesn't matter for Futch, he has already made it known to the staff that he will do whatever they need of him to win football games.

"Maybe on offense I can come in and block or catch a pass or two," Futch said. "All of the coaches want Coach Nix has always been there with the idea. Coach McGriff wants me to play defensive back or safety. Coach Barrow wants me at linebacker. I can play a little bit anywhere to help out. I'll do whatever. If I have to play tight end to win the game, I'll do it, no questions asked. I am excited about it, but it isn't definite."

Futch will sign and send his letter of intent on February 6th. He will enroll in the summer.

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