Recruiting Hot List (1/31)

With less than a week to go until National Signing Day, a lot will be happening between now and then. Many of the top prospects for the Canes are still undecided.'s Hot List takes a closer look at where Miami stands heading into Thursday's action.

Taylor Cook -- Committed

Jacory Harris -- Committed and enrolled

Cannon Smith -- Committed and enrolled

Running Backs:
Jamie Harper -- Despite rumors of Harper canceling his scheduled visit to Miami for this weekend, he's still set to be here starting Friday. The Canes will have roughly 48 hours to convince him that Miami will make a better home for him than Clemson over the next few years. It'll be a tough get for the Canes. He's scheduled to announce on Monday night.

John Calhoun -- Committed and enrolled

Patrick Hill -- Committed and enrolled

Wide Receivers:
Travis Benjamin -- Committed

Laron Byrd -- He's scheduled to visit here this weekend. Byrd has been interested in the Canes going all the way back to the summer when he came down for the summer camp in June. The Canes haven't offered yet but if things don't go well with Tommy Streeter this weekend, Byrd will likely get a scholarship and there's a good chance he'd accept it.

Thearon Collier -- Committed

Aldarius Johnson -- Committed and enrolled

Davon Johnson -- Committed

Martavious Odoms -- He's scheduled to visit Michigan this weekend and mentioned to CanesTime earlier this week that he's still interested in the Canes and may come on a track scholarship. We think it's between USF and Miami.

Tommy Streeter -- He's scheduled to visit Miami this weekend and it'll be interesting to see how things go. He's kept his thoughts to himself for most of the process but has been actively recruited by Miami since day one. He has indicated that he'd like to have a final decision in place by Sunday night.

Kendal Thompkins -- Committed and visiting this weekend

Tight Ends:
Brandon Moore -- He visited Miami last weekend and hosted Randy Shannon for an in-home visit earlier this week but it's looking more and more every day like he'll honor his original commitment to Michigan.

Offensive Linemen:
Benjamin Jones -- Jones has narrowed his list down to Clemson and Miami. He's scheduled to visit Miami this weekend and will announce next Wednesday. We believe the Canes are in excellent position here because of their lack of depth at tackle and because several of his teammates will be in this class as well.

Brandon Washington -- Committed and scheduled to visit this weekend (although he won't be able to visit this weekend if his test scores aren't back by Friday, he told CanesTime yesterday).

Defensive Linemen:
Marcus Forston -- Committed and enrolled

Jonathan Jackson -- The Canes talked about an offer to him last week but it's unclear whether or not he'll have an opportunity to sign with the Canes on Wednesday. We'll continue to monitor the situation but as of now, he's not scheduled to visit here this weekend.

Gavin Hardin -- He had a great visit to Miami two weekends ago and is scheduled to see Ole Miss this weekend. It's out of those two and he's set to announce his final choice on Wednesday.

Jeremy Lewis -- Committed but he's now taken all of his visits. We believe the Canes are still in good shape but North Carolina has come on strong lately and appear to still be in the mix. Stay tuned.

Corey Liuget -- One of the best players still left on the board, Liuget remains a soft commitment to Illinois and has narrowed his list down to them, LSU, and Miami. Even though the Canes didn't get an official visit from him, they're still very much in the picture and he is deciding on whether to take an unofficial visit here this weekend. Liuget has been very difficult to read and it'll be interesting to see what he decides to do next week, as it's pretty clear right now that he's not 100-percent sure on any one school.

Nicholas Perry -- He's scheduled to visit here this weekend but it's going to be very difficult, even with a good visit, to wrestle him out of Michigan.

Micanor Regis -- Committed

Andrew Smith -- Committed

Arthur Brown -- Committed and enrolled

Jordan Futch -- Committed

Antonio Harper -- Committed and scheduled to visit this weekend

Zach Kane -- Committed

Brandon Marti -- Committed

Marcus Robinson -- Committed

Sean Spence -- Committed and enrolled

George Baker -- He has not yet been offered by the Canes and isn't scheduled to visit this weekend but Miami's been recruiting him for the past couple months.

T.J. Bryant -- A priority at the cornerback position, Bryant had a good visit to Miami in the middle of last week. Randy Shannon is scheduled to make an in-home visit with him sometime this week. He's scheduled to see FSU unofficially this weekend and will announce his choice next Wednesday. History tells us that it'll be very tough for the Canes or anyone else to pull him out of Tallahassee.

Brandon Harris -- A major priority for the Canes, Harris visited Miami with his entire family last weekend and the Canes seem to be in good shape. He is scheduled to announce next Wednesday at 1 pm.

Alonzo Lawrence -- The talented four-star has narrowed his list down to Miami, Alabama, and Ole Miss. Randy Shannon made an in-home visit earlier this week and he's set to annoucne his decision on Friday. All signs are pointing to it being Alabama.

Herman Davidson -- He's narrowed his list down to Miami and North Carolina. Coach Shannon made an in-home visit last week and the Miami coaches were back there earlier this week. He plans to announce on Wednesday.

C.J. Holton -- Committed

Victor Johnson -- He committed to Oklahoma State earlier this month but is hoping to visit Miami this weekend. The Canes still haven't offered but the UM coaches have been in touch and he took the SAT last weekend. We'll continue to monitor the situation.

C.J. Odom -- Committed

Vaughn Telemaque -- He visited two weekends ago and recently narrowed his list down to USC, Oregon, and Miami. He taped his announcement last night and it'll air tonight. All signs are pointing to USC.

Joseph Wylie -- Committed

Jake Wieclaw -- Committed and enrolled

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