Did 3-star trip to Tampa?

Booker T. Washington wide receiver Davon Johnson had one more trip to make before he made his decision. His destination…Tampa, Florida to visit South Florida. Did he make his trip this weekend? Read on for the latest on Johnson and what he has to say about a few of his team mates plans for signing day.

Booker T. Washington wide receiver Davon Johnson had plans to go to South Florida this weekend. However, those plans changed following his visit to Coral Gables last weekend for his official to Miami.

"Nah, I didn't go (to South Florida this weekend)," Johnson said. "I feel like I don't need to go on any more visits."

Johnson (6-foot, 170 pounds) told Bulls head coach Jim Leavitt last night of the news.

"I told them last night," Johnson said. "They understand how I feel about Miami, it wasn't really a big deal for them."

So, what are the plans for Johnson between now and signing day?

"Right now, I'm just chilling," Johnson said. "I have to wait until Wednesday to sign (my letter of intent), so that is basically it."

Booker T. Washington will hold its signing day event later in the day, with some big news stations present.

"ESPN is going to be there, that is going to be a big thing," Johnson said. "There is going to be about ten (from Booker T. Washington) of us there.

Johnson gives his insight on teammate Brandon Harris.

"Most of us have made up out mind," Johnson said. "I don't know what Brandon (Harris) is thinking. He is already from here and knows everything about Miami so I don't really need to do any selling to him."

Miami recently extended an offer to Booker T. Washington defensive end Jonathan Jackson. It was a move that made not only Johnson but the rest of the Booker T. players happy. Johnson gives his insight on Jackson and his possible intentions.

"With Jonathan, I think it is between Miami and FIU right now, that is the battle," Johnson said. "They offered him and (his teammates and I) were happy to get another offer from my Miami. It is a good feeling because we have a good team with great players."

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