Holton Enjoys In-Home with Shannon

4 star safety C.J. Holton received an in-home visit from ‘Canes head coach Randy Shannon on Thursday night. Read on to see what they spoke about.

C.J. Holton had an important guest in his home on Thursday night: Miami Hurricanes head coach Randy Shannon. Holton spoke about the visit and had positive things to say.

"He stayed maybe about an hour and thirty minutes, basically he was just talking with me, my mom, and my brother," Holton said. "He has a good relationship with them."

Holton also spoke a bit about how his family has taken a liking to Coach Shannon.

"Basically, from the time she spent this past weekend and the time she spent with him on Thursday, she basically looks at him like a great great guy, like she can put me in his hands as far as me playing for him and him coaching me," Holton said. "She likes him a lot."

Holton and Shannon spoke at length about several topics on his visit.

"He just talked to me about the system and about how I can come in and compete. We also spoke about some of his former players. We spoke about Sean [Taylor]. We basically just talked about the system though."

The late, great Hurricane Sean Taylor was Holton's favorite player growing up. In fact, Holton wore his number, 26, as a tribute to him in high school.

"We were picking numbers," Holton explained. "I was sitting there and I thought to myself, well…Sean is my favorite player, so I might as well grab it."

During the visit, Holton said that he and Coach Shannon also spoke about competition and working hard. Holton insists that he is a hard worker and that he'll fit right in at Miami.

"I try to outwork everyone. I try to work out harder than everyone."

For now though, one of the areas he has to work at is inside the classroom, where he is trying to become a full qualifier. He sits at "around" a 2.5 GPA, but is awaiting his latest ACT test score.

"I haven't gotten it back. I don't even know what's happening with that. My mom is supposed to check that soon. I might have to pay to see it or something. I take my other one the Saturday after Signing Day."

Despite being on the cusp, he insists that he'll be signing his letter of intent on Wednesday as scheduled.

"I'm signing on Wednesday. I know I'm right on the edge, but I'll be signing. He just said that if I give it my all, I'm going to make it. That's the only thing he said about it."

Overall, what did Holton think of Coach Shannon?

"He's just a wonderful man, Holton said. "One of the most wonderful guys I've met. He's just one of those people who I know can't just be replaced."

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