Payton Statement on Emmitt's Record

Here are some statements from UM junior tailback Jarrett Payton on Emmitt Smith's NFL career rushing record. Smith surpassed Payton's father, Walter Payton, on the all-time NFL career rushing yardage list on Sunday.

Did you see the play where he broke the record?
"I didn't get to see it live. I was in a meeting and stepped out for a moment. I peeked in at a television set in the locker room and saw a highlight of it during the Bills game."

What were your feelings when you realized Emmitt had broken your father's record?
"I was a little sad. It's strange. I always knew someone would break it, but I felt a little sad when I got the news. I don't really know why. I mean, we know Emmitt and he's a guy I have a pretty good relationship with. I'm glad for him and happy a guy like Emmitt broke the record. But, in a strange way, I was sad. I guess I was just kinda remembering about the day my Dad broke the record and how I was feeling that day."

Have you talked with Emmitt yesterday or today?
"Not yet. We've playing phone tag. I left him a message last night, just telling him that I knew he was probably getting flooded with calls but that I wanted him to know that I was happy for him and I was glad he was the person who broke the record."

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