Coker Practice Comments

UM coach Larry Coker entered Tuesday's practice hoping for a physical workout and that's exactly what he got. "We had a good, physical workout and we talked about giving a good effort and we got a real solid effort," Coker said. "I was very pleased."

Responding to the comments of Sherko Haji-Rasouli Coker said "I don't feel that way, the younger ones have done a very good job. They look up to the seniors and that's where I expect the leadership to come from but the young guys have stepped up too. Before the season there were questions about the young secondary but they are number one in the country right now and they have stepped up as well."

Coker also addressed the play of the defensive ends the past couple of weeks. "If our tackles are double teamed, the ends need to be making plays and we haven't done enough of that," said Coker. "The ends are playing well but they could be playing better."

Andrew Williams practiced with his right hand wrapped but Coker did not have any progress report on the injury. "He is not on our injury report so I don't know what specifically is going on with Andrew."

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