Young has big plans for UM defense

Bill Young joins the Hurricanes staff after serving as the Defensive coordinator at Kansas for six seasons. He has been coaching for 38 seasons and was a defensive coordinator for 20 of those years. He talked about his plans as Miami 's defensive coordinator on Friday and was there to cover it. Read on to see what he has to say.

"We hope to be a more aggressive unit," said Bill Young. "I believe in having an attacking defense. You do what your personnel allows you to do, but we do want to be a pressure football team. We want to mix it up, and keep the offenses as off balanced as possible."

Young has had stints with USC, Oklahoma, Tulsa, Ohio State, Iowa State, Arizona State Oklahoma State(his alma mater), and the Detroit Lions. He obviously brings a lot of ideas with him and he talked about how much of a change in philosophy the Canes can expect on defense.

"I do not think there will be a lot of changes, said Young. "I have been copying some of things Miami does for a while now. I have been studying this team forever. A lot of things we have done in the past we semi-stole from Miami . I have always been a big fan of the way Miami plays defense and the things coach Shannon has done. I hope to have the same success they had had in the past."

Young transformed Kansas from one of the weakest defensive units in the country to the 4th ranked scoring defense in the country. Kansas allowed 16.8 points per game last season and was ranked 12th in total defense. He talked about his decision to leave the Jayhawks for Miami .

"It was a difficult decision from the standpoint that we had some awfully good kids at Kansas ," said Young. "Leaving them was not easy. The opportunity to come here and work for Coach Shannon was something I absolutely could not turn down. It is astounding the number of All-Americans and first round draft picks that Miami produces. It is an unbelievable program."

Normally a head coach entering his second year would not have the contacts to hire a coach of Bill Young's reputation. Young talked about how he and Coach Shannon came in contact.

"Trace Armstrong actually got us in contact," said Young. "He was one of my former players and also had a connection with Coach Shannon. He facilitated the move as much as anything. It was a connection that opened a door and gave me an amazing opportunity and I took advantage of that connection."

Coach Young talked about the opportunity to serve under a head coach that has been a successful defensive coordinator.

"It is a huge advantage," said Young. "He adds a valuable resource to our staff. It helps to have a head coach than can lend a hand with specific scenarios and situations. It is tremendous advantage. This is his defense. We will do whatever he wants us to do. We obviously have a lot of input, but he is the head coach. We know who our boss is."

As successful as his defenses were at Kansas , Coach Young will have a more talented group of kids to work with at Miami . As he has been telling kids throughout the recruiting process, there is no comparison between the team speed he had at Kansas to the speed he inherits at Miami .

"We have not practiced yet, so I am not sure what the talent is yet," said Young. "These guys are really thirsty for knowledge. They are constantly coming in the office, asking questions. It is a bright and talented group of young men."

Young's hire is almost unanimously loved by people around the program. Coach Young will hopefully lead Miami 's defense back to the level of play that Miami is accustomed to.

"I was very surprised about getting this opportunity," said Young. "I had no clue I would ever be coaching here at the University of Miami . It was Christmas come early."

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