It was all his doing

Xavier Shannon recently enrolled in grad school at the University of Miami and with one year of eligibility left, he will be on the Hurricane football team this season. Head coach Randy Shannon, Xavier's father, said it was all Xavier's doing. He explained the situation.

When spring football starts tomorrow, the Canes will have good competition at the center position. A.J. Trump has been here the longest. Tyler Horn will also compete. However, many believe senior transfer Xavier Shannon will end up winning the job. Afterall, he has three years of starting experience at the Division 1 level (at FIU) and brings the most experience to the table.

Shannon started grad school at UM last month and is now ready to compete in spring football. Head coach Randy Shannon talked about how Xavier arrived.

"He graduated from FIU and wanted to go to grad school at Miami," Shannon said. "What he wanted to do was not offered at FIU and that's why he came here."

Shannon said he wasn't involved in the transfer at all.

"I don't talk to him," he said. "That's Coach Nix and Coach Stoutland. He's not on scholarship. They didn't convince me. He wanted to go to school here. Football came second. I told our coaching staff (before he transferred) I'm not talking to him. I don't say much to him but hi."

Shannon wants people to understand that he won't play favorites, even at the center position where his son is competing for the starting job.

"The team knows I'm not gonna play favortism," he said. "He knows I'm not that type of guy. I'll support you if you're my son and I'll support you if you're not my son. He knows he has to work hard. I'll treat him just like a regular player."

Miami's head man said he was a bit surprised when he learned of his son's interest in coming to Miami.

"He never talked about it," he said. "He called me and said he was transferring. He told me what major he was and that was it. Stoutland and Hurtt evaluated it and thought he could help us out. That's a decision they made after he transferred. They got him at center."

Shannon, listed on the spring roster at 6-foot-1 and 298 pounds, attended Coral Gables High and then played four years at FIU -- redshirting one of them. This is his final year of eligibility.

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