Bailey takes in first practice at DE

Allen Bailey was recently moved to defensive end by Miami coaches and today was his first practice at the new position. caught up with the talented lineman after practice and you don't want to miss what he's saying!

Q: How was your first day since moving to defensive end?
A: "It was good. It was a good learning experience. It is just a matter of getting used to it. I did alright today. I have to learn some stuff."

Q: What unit did you play with today?
A: I was on the second unit today. Steven Wesley and Eric Moncur were the first team guys.

Q: What was the energy like today?
A: There was more learning today. We were focusing on the new defense.

Q: Is the defense harder this year?
A: The defense is easier. There is more zone, which makes it easier. There is more communication now. Everyone is on the same page, so we are all helping each other.

Q: How did you feel about getting moved to defensive end?
A: I felt comfortable. They gave me a few weeks to think about it. I came up with the decision to make the move, because it was best for the team.

Q: Did you expect to be at 290 pounds this early?
A: I did not think I would grow this quickly. I thought I would be 290 by my 3rd year, but not this fast. 290 is big for a defensive end also.

Q: Did you want to stay at Linebacker?
A: I tried already at 270 so I think it was time for a change. I was alright at 270 at linebacker. I played linebacker at that weight in high school."

Q: Has it been tough adjusting to being heavier?
A: It is not tough. I am bigger now, so I just have to work on my footwork. I will get more used to it with time and work.

Q: What are you benching right now?
A: I just had surgery so I am not at full strength yet. I benched 380 yesterday and I haven't run the forty since the summer.

Q: What was your injury and how was the recovery?
A: I chipped a bone by my bicep. I was out for about a month, but I am getting better now. Slowly but surely I will be fine. I can work out already. It is just a matter of endurance.

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