Smith likes his receivers

True freshman Cannon Smith took part in his first practice at the college level and he talked about a number of things following the practice. has everything he was saying so read on...

Q: How was your first day?
A: It was good. It was the first day, and I was just trying to get settled in, and get used to the pace. I knew it was going to be up-tempo, and it definitely was that. Today was a good day to just feel out how the practices are going to be.

Q: What are the differences in a college practice?
A: It was good. The speed of the game is a lot different. Everyone out there is fast. The organization of the practice is a lot different. There is no wasted moment.

Q: How was did you perform?
A; I had some deep completions today. I did a good job of taking what the defense was giving me. I read the field and made the completions.

Q: What are your expectations for yourself this spring?
A: I just want to get better and and try to win a starting job. I just want to help this team the most I can.

Q: Do you feel any added pressure having to compete with the last two Mr.Florida football players.
A: I really don't. Those guys are good, but we are all good. That us why we are here. The coaches would not bring anyone here if they did not think they could help this football team. The competition is going to make everyone better.

Q: How do you feel about always being the 3rd guy mentioned in the QB battle?
A: I feel alright about that. I know I do not have as much hype around me. I know I am not 6'4, but that is fine with me. The winner is going to be whoever makes the most plays and makes the least mistakes.

Q; How did you get your nickname?
A: It comes from my middle name Buchanon. A lot of people think it has to do with football, but it is just a coincidence.

Q: What were your impressions on the receivers?
A: They all looked good. Aldarius is a stud. He has glue hands and runs good routes. Jermaine is very smooth and has a lot of speed.

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