Johnson offers his thoughts on first day

Aldarius Johnson was a five star player coming out of high school this past year and the talented receiver took in his first practice at Miami today. caught up with him afterwards to get his thoughts.

Q&A with WR Aldarius Johnson

Q: How was your day today?
A: I just worked hard in the weight room with Coach Swasey so I could come out here and compete and be fast. I have to learn a lot of things for the college level.

Q: What unit were you working with?
A: I was in the rotation. I worked with the 2nd team a lot. I have to work hard to get on the 1st team.

Q: What is the biggest difference from high school?
A: The DBs are a lot bigger. The game is a lot of faster. I have to get bigger and faster to compete on this level. We have 6'3 DBs on this level.

Q: How does it feel to have your some of your teammates from Northwestern here?
A: It feels good. We still hang out and have together. We just compete and have fun together. We all know we can play. I like how our teammates have called us the Bike Crew and the West boys.

Q: How are the relationships on the team?
A: The coaches know that me and my HS teammates are like brothers and we are trying to bring that here. We are in this together.

Q: How is the competition on the team?
A: It is always competitive, in the weight room and on the field. We are always competing and that is only going to make us better. Completion builds teams.

Q: How were the quarterbacks today?
A: They all looked good. I like all of them. They all shared time. Jacory and Robert are both good players.

Q: How do they get along?
A; They all get along well. They are always talking. They hang out around campus a lot. They work out together all the time.

Q: Obviously you are close with Jacory, but how is your relationship with the other QBs?
A: I feel like I grew up with those guys also. It feels like it is two other Jacorys. Marve is always complementing me and giving me advice. Marve has an arm like Michael Vick. Canon is a good QB. He is a little short, but he has a nice arm and has quick feet.

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