1st day a big learning experience for Brown

Arthur Brown was probably the most heavily recruited player Miami signed this past recruiting season and he enrolled early. Tuesday was his first day on the field for the Canes and he thought it was a big learning experience. Read on to see what Brown told CanesTime.com after practice.

Q&A with Arthur Brown

Q: How was the First Day?
A: I had a little bit of butterflies, but that is a good thing. It means I am excited and ready to focus on the things I need to do.

Q: How has the experience of graduating early been?
A; I can not imagine having to come in on a later date than I did. There is a lot of stuff to learn. You have to make a lot of adjustments as a player and I would recommend graduating early to anyone. It is a nice head start on learning to balance the school work and football. It is a big help.

Q: What was the biggest adjustment today?
A: Just the speed of practice. High school practice was a much slower pace. You do not slow down here ever. You are always working and doing different stuff with coaches.

Q: What has been the biggest surprise so far?
A: I was surprised about some of the things I was doing wrong. I thought my tackling fundamentals were down but I had to make some adjustments. I also learned some things about playing the linebacker position.

Q: How do you feel about the expectations that the fans have about you?
A: There has been a lot of expectations of me throughout my life. I just worry about myself and getting ready. I can not worry about anything except myself.

Q: What expectations do you have for yourself?
A: I just want to come in and compete. I am only worried about proving my ability to myself. I can not worry about what others think, but you will put too much pressure on yourself if you do that. I just want to do the best I can.

Q: What unit were you playing with?
A; I was the second strong side linebacker behind Sean Spence. Adkins was the MLB in my group and Kylan Robinson was the weak side guy.

Q: What is your weight right now?
A: I am at 228. I have gained 9 pounds since I have been here.

* Note: Arthur was not allowed to comment about his brother's commitment, per NCAA rules.

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