Moncur says first day was rusty

With Calais Campbell gone to the NFL, Eric Moncur is clearly the leader of the Hurricane defensive line. He took time and spoke to following his first day of spring practice as a senior. As expected, he was a little hard on himself.

Q&A with DE Eric Moncur

Q: How was your first day?
A: We were a little rusty, but that is natural on the first day. We are just going to come out and get better each and every day.

Q: How is the line looking?
A: We look good. We just want to get the pads on and start hitting. Lineman do not tend to be big fans of practicing in shorts.

Q: How did Allen Bailey look in his first day at DE?
A: He looked good. He is a beast. He is big, strong and fast. He has all the tools. He is going to be a big help for us.

Q: How is the new defense coming along?
A: It is a learning experience. We are doing some stuff we have never done before. We are going to keep it confusing for the offense.

Q: What do you expect from this year's defense?
A: I expect and improvement form last year. We have a lot of new talent and a lot of guys that are getting healthy. I expect us to work hard and get better.

Q: How did the QB's look?
A: They looked alright. I was focused on myself, so I did not really have time to analyze them or even tell which one it was on every play.

Q: What was the rotation like?
A: Me and Steven Wesley were the first team ends. Holmes and Dixon were the tackles. Forston, Bailey and everyone else was rotation in.

Q: What are your expectations for this team?
A: I expect us to play hard every play. I just want us to control what we can. I want to win, but if we do lose I want to be able to go to sleep knowing we gave it our all.

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