Shields likes Coach Hill

Sam Shields will be counted on to make a big impact in Miami's offense this season and the talented receiver spoke to after practice and addressed a number of topics, including his thoughts on new receivers coach Aubrey Hill. Read on to see everything he was saying.

Q&A with WR Sam Shields

Q: How was the first day of practice?
A: It was tough for everyone. There were not a lot of mistakes. We all came out and practiced hard.

Q: How was working with Coach Hill?
A: It was good. He knows a lot about the position. He has been there before and coached a lot of great receivers. You just want to listen to him and learn the most you can.

Q: What do you tell do younger guys at WR?
A: I just tell them to always go to class. I tell them they have to put al ot of extra work in. I tell them they need to work hard.

Q: How was Aldarius in his first day?
A: He looked good. He caught a lot of balls. It went well for him.

Q: What are your thoughts on this season?
A: We have to give max effort. We can not stop. We can not let anyone give up. I just have to work on the little things.

Q: What are your thoughts on the competition at WR?
A: It is a big competition. We have a lot of talented guys. We are going to have a lot of help. We have to work as a team.

Q: Do you feel any pressure because you are an upperclassman?
A: There is always pressure at this level. You can not really worry about it. You just have to play your game and control what you can.

Q: How were the QBs today?
A: They looked good today. Robert has a strong arm. All the QBs are very smart. They do not make mistakes.

Q: Did you see anything different from the defense today?
A: They played a little more zone, but it is hard to tell what they are going to do until they can hit. You can not really play defense without hitting. They looked fast though.

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