Harris talks about adjustment

Jacory Harris was Mr. Football in the state of Florida last season but he knows things will be a lot tougher as he makes the adjustment to the college level. He talked about that transition, his first day, and much more.

Q&A with QB Jacory Harris

Q: How was your first day?
A: The first day was good. We came out here and did what we were supposed to do and competed.

Q: What is the biggest difference so far?
A: There is a lot of stuff to learn. High School was not so complicated. In college, there are a lot of things you have to learn. You have to know more protections and more defensive tendencies.

Q: You had a lot of success in High School. How do you translate that to college?
A: High School is over now and now I am competing for a starting QB job with some fantastic quarterbacks. Cannon Smith and Robert Marve are great players and without them I would not have learned as much as I have already. We all work hard and we work extra.

Q: How much easier is adjusting to college knowing that you have some of your high school teammates with you?
A: I am enjoying it. I know if I was somewhere like Oregon I would be on the first flight home. It is fun to be with your peers and especially my HS friends. They call us the West Crew and Bike Boys because we are always riding bikes around campus together.

Q: What is it going to take for you to start?
A: It is going to take a lot of competition. I have to compete in every drill and every paly we have. I also have to learn all the palys and get ready mentally.

Q: How much pressure is there with being the number 1 recruiting class and being expected to win early?
A: The one thing I always say is pressure bust pipes. If you have pressure you should not be out here. I just go out here and have fun. I am never nervous and I have never felt rattled. I was telling Coach Nix before practice because he thought I was nervous that this is just like a regular day for me.

Q: How much does having played at Northwestern and been in so many big games already have to do with you not being nervous out here?
A: The fact we played big games and got put in big situations should help me at this level. I know I can take my team down the field.

Q: Do you see yourself starting Day 1?
A: Right now I am just competing. I am not looking any further than now. Anything can happen over the spring and the summer.

Q: Do you see yourself as a leader?
A: Yes I do. You can not be afraid to lead. I just come out here and cheer everyone on and help out as much as I can. People expect a lot of us form our high school days.

Q: Do you feel at home at Miami ?
A: Yes I do. That is the reason I came to Miami . People like Ryan Hill, JJ, and and Kayne are like my brothers already. The whole team is a like a big family.

Q: How was the rotation at QB today?
A: We all got 6 snaps and then we would rotate. We all got an equal amount of plays. We all get the same time to get our shine on and do what we have to do.

Q: How is the process of gaining weight going?
A: It is going good. I have put on 10 pounds since I have been here. It is amazing. I came in at 6'4 168. I am up to 178 now. When fall comes around I would love to be at 200, but 180 something would be nice.

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