Forston: "I felt like I was crawling again"

Marcus Forston is expected to come into Miami this season and challenge for lots of playing time as a true freshman. He has a long ways to go, however, and he talked about his first day on the practice field.

Q&A with DT Marcus Forston

Q: How was your first day?
A: I felt like I was crawling again. I feel like you have to learn to walk all over again. In high school we practiced three or four hours. Today we were only out here an hour and 45 minutes and I had never worked like this in my life. Everything is so much faster here. The tempo is unreal. You are never walking. You run to every drill and station. You have to sprint to get water. You better not have to tie your shoe or you will fall behind. The pace is something you have to adjust to.

Q: What expectation do you have for yourself?
A: If I do not work hard nothing is just going to happen for me out there. I tell myself everyday that hard work pays off. I have to represent that 99 on my back. That numbers means something.

Q: Is that why you got that number?
A: Yes that is why. Warren Sapp and Jerome Brown are my football idols. I saw Sappiin his prime and he was a beast.

Q: How much easier us the transition knowing you have some of your HS teammates here with you?
A: Everyone says we are like quadruplets. We are always together. It is like we are attached. We take a shower together, go to class together, and do everything together. We wait for the shower to clear out, go in there and talk about stuff. We go to the bathroom together. So that's the bond we need this year. We want to bring that bond to the U family this year. We want to teach them to be a family like we were at Northwestern.

Q: How do you adjust from being at the top of your level to being college freshman?
A: We had to deal with pressure and attention last year, since we were the number 1 team in the country. We learned to stay humble and keep working hard. We have to believe in ourselves and not worry about the outside things. We learned to deal with the media and the hype.

Q: How is Jacory doing?
A: He will be fine. If you give him 3 or 4 days he will be the old Jacory. He already knows 80 percent of the plays. He is a smart guy and he knows the game of football. He sees the field really well and makes the game easier for the receivers and lineman.

Q: Do you see him becoming a leader?
A: He is a leader. He is already helping guys learn the plays. Every time I see him he is with his play book. He is with it in the cafeteria and around school.

Q: What unit were you with today?
A: I was on the second team opposite of Joe Joseph. I am playing behind Josh Holmes right now.

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