Baby J likes the team's energy level

Javarris James is on the national radar now and he's hoping for a huge junior season. caught up with him after Wednesday's practice to talk about all the latest.

Q&A with RB Javarris James

Q: How has practice been so far?
A: We are just getting back in the grove. They have been throwing some new stuff at us. We are just learning a couple of new things and the younger players are adjusting to college ball. We are just getting back into football shape.

Q: There was a lot of talk about how you were hiding an injury last year. How much truth is there to that?
A: Yes I got hurt in the Marshall game. On one play my helmet came off and I got hit in the neck. It bothered me the whole year, but no excuses. I was fighting through it.

Q: How much did it affect your performance?
A: If I got hit in a game it would bother me the whole game. It made me a little tense out there. I worried about my neck a little bit more than I should have.

Q: How is your health now?
A: I am fine. I am 100 percent.

Q: How are your new leader blockers?
A: Pat Hill and John Calhoun look very good. I can not wait to see them in pads. You can just tell how explosive they are in the blocks. Coach Robinson is getting their technique down. All of the backs are excited about those two guys. A fullback is a big help to a running back, and to have two of them is very exciting.

Q: Do you consider yourself a leader on this team?
A: I think I am one of the leaders on this team. I am one of the guys with the most experience. I have played every game since my freshman year so I know what are young guys are going through. I hang out with those guys and encourage them. Some of these guys have not even been to their high school prom yet, so I am doing my best to make it easier for them.

Q: What things have you seen from the new defense?
A: They have been fooling us a lot. Last year there was a lot of man defense, but this year there is a lot of zones and zone blitzes. They have been doing pretty good.

Q: How is the energy out there?
A: It is crazy. Everybody is sprinting from drill to drill. We are really emphasizing to finish. Even if it is a 90 yard run the Offensive lineman and receivers have to keep blocking and finish the play. If you do not finish, you will pay the consequences.

Q: What expectations do you have for yourself?
A: I just want to learn my position better and work hard. I just want to keep getting better.

Q: How have the quarterbacks looked so far?
A: They are looking great. They are making their reads and are playing under control. They have command in the huddle. For freshman quarterbacks, the are playing a lot better than I expected.

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