Reddick says he's 90-percent

Anthony Reddick is glad to be back after missing 2007 due to a knee injury. He's ready to go now and talked to after Wednesday's practice to discuss the latest.

Q&A with Safety Anthony Reddick

Q: How is the recovery coming along?
A; It is going well. It is a tough process, but at least I am able to participate completely.

Q: How much is the knee restricting you right now?
A: I feel about 90 percent, but I am getting there. I will be at full strength soon. I am working hard and getting better.

Q: How is the tempo so far in practice?
A: We are doing everything very fast. I have never been part of something this fast paced. Everyone is doing good so far.

Q: How is the new defense?
A: It is easy to learn. It is still football. It is just a matter of learning different terminology and different schemes.

Q: What are the differences from last year?
A: We are playing a lot more zone than we have in the past. It is definitely a different scheme.

Q: The departure of Kenny Phillips leaves a big hole in the secondary. Do you see yourself filling that starting spot?
A: I am just working hard. I can not worry about replacing anybody. If I work hard hopefully, I will be in a position where I am the starter.

Q: Any difference in your approach now that you are an upperclassman?
A: Nothing really different. I just try to do everything the coaches tell me. I try to help the young guys to do the right thing. I would not say I am their leader. I am just trying to help win football games.

Q: What expectations do you have for yourself this spring?
A: I want to be excellent. I just do not want to get back to being the player I was a couple of years ago. I want to be even better than I was. I want to improve and help this team.

Q: How have the QBs looked so far?
A: They have looked good. They are young, but they are coming along. They are picking up the offense really quick.

Q: What unit are you with right now?
A: I am on the second team with JoJo Nicholas.

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