Second day report

There wasn't much different to report than yesterday, when gave you what the depth chart sort of looked like on the first day. Here are a few brief notes from Wednesday's action.

The 'Canes practiced on the far field today and there really wasn't anything to report that was any different from yesterday. Starters are still rotating in and out, and the post-practice comments were essentially the same as they have always been. Coach Shannon spoke about things this time around as opposed to last.

"It's easier because the guys already know what we're about and what we're trying to accomplish," he said.

Shannon simply went on to talk about how the speed of practices were satisfactory and everyone was moving at "game speed". He was pleased with the intensity of practice.

Shannon also cited that he was happy about the lack of penalties in practice. Coach Nix, in another interview, added that in two practices thus far there have been no interceptions.

CanesTime snagged interviews with DC Bill Young*, OC Patrick Nix*, safeties Anthony Reddick and Damien Berry, wide receivers Kayne Farquharson and Jermaine McKenzie*, center Xavier Shannon*, and defensive end Adewale Ojomo.

* = Video Interview

Personal Observations:

As I said before, most of practice was blocked off. The receivers stayed extra time with the jugs machine. Lamar Thomas was there again helping them out, and of course Coach Hill was very energetic and involved. Javarris James was the only running back trying to catch passes.

There were some drops, but it was a very tough drill. Players had to stand with their back to the machine and pretend to run a hitch route, and when they turned around the ball had already been fired at them. After everyone else was done, Jermaine McKenzie stayed behind and got a little extra work in.

The team will resume practice on Friday at 3 pm.

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