DE has chance to start

Adewale Ojomo is a second year player for the Hurricanes with some lofty goals for his next go around. caught up with the talented defensive end for the latest after the first week of practice.

Q: How has practice been going so far?

A: Practice has been going very well. I have been working hard and getting better everyday.

Q: How was the first practice with pads?

A: You just have to get used to it. I was a little winded today, but I will be fine.

Q: How was the transition from high school to college last year?

A: Last year was amazing. I was told I was going to get a chance to start and I was given that opportunity. I just got hurt before the season and that prevented me from playing.

Q: What were you doing in practices that you ended up being named the scout team MVP?

A: I was just playing hard every day. I was just relentless and went after the ball on every play.

Q; How has the competition been at defensive end?

A; Competition is always good. You just have to overcome the adversity. All of defensive ends are good. You have to bring it every day. You can not let up. It is all about competition. This is the year to go out there and earn your starting spot. Every time we go out there they are looking at us.

Q: How is Coach Young's defense?

A: The defense is a lot more basic and easier to catch on to. I know it is going to work.

Q: Who has stood out so far?

A: A lot of the guys have been standing out. Chavez Grant has played really well. Allen Bailey looks good since the switch. The defensive line as a whole is playing well.

Q: How is your weight right now?

A: I left high school at 212 pounds. I am at 247 right now. I gained about 12 pounds since the summer. I feel better at this weight.

Q: What goals do you have for yourself this spring?

A: I want to go out there and be a leader on this defensive line and just get better every day.

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