Fox breaks down the O-Line

Jason Fox will be one of the leaders of the offense this year. A two-year starter already, Fox talked to about how spring football has been progressing after three practices.

Q&A with Jason Fox

Jason Fox is the cornerstone of the Hurricanes offensive line. The 6'6" 306 pound left tackle is preparing for his third year as a starter on the line. Canes Time talked with him after practice to see how things were going.

Q: How is the line looking so far?
A: "We're looking pretty good. It's still early but we've got a lot of good players. Reggie (Youngblood) has been playing a while. (Chris) Rutledge too. They're talented guys. Anyone can step in and play and there won't be a drop off in play. Our guards are absolutely freaks. Fig (Joel Figueroa) and Orlando ( Franklin ) are both explosive and crazy athletic guys especially with how big they are. They're powerful and they care a lot about the game. O ur center is wide open. All I'm saying is we've got a lot of great guys and its looking really good this year."

Q: How are the quarterbacks doing?
A: "It's still early but they're looking really good. (Robert) Marve, Jacory (Harris), and Cannon (Smith) are all looking real good. It's going to take some time to really evaluate them because they're all making great throws. They have a good presence in the pocket. They're all doing really well."

Q: Harland Gunn and Tyler Horn are two young lineman that are making some noise this spring. How have they progressed since they got to campus?
A: "Harland has been doing good. He's improved a lot. He's worked with his footwork. He's a lot quicker off the ball and he's explosive too. You should see big things from him at right guard. Horn is at center with (Xavier) Shannon and (Matt) Pipho. They're rotating and they're all looking really good."

Q: Who is playing guard besides Franklin, Figueroa, and Gunn?
A: "Well right now, A.J. Trump is in for Orlando . He's getting most of the work at left guard. He's coming from center so he's still learning the position. He's doing real well. It's just a learning experience for him right now. He's a really athletic guy and he's a quick learner."

Q: Today was Pro Day and you're draft eligible this year. Could you see yourself out there next year working out for the professional scouts?
A: "I was out there rooting those guys on today. I played with those guys and I was here to support them. I'm not worried about that. Right now, I'm a Miami Hurricane and I'm here to win the championship."

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