Marve: We want this thing turned around

Quarterback Robert Marve is battling with early enrollees Jacory Harris and Cannon Smith for the Hurricanes starting quarterback job. Marve talked to Canes Time about spring ball has been going so far.

Q: What has the last week been like?
A: "The week has been crazy. We're all having a good time at quarterback. All having fun learning the offense. Things are going pretty good. I think everything going a little faster than every one thought."

Q: How are things faster than you thought?
A: "Just learning the offense. It's been flowing pretty good. We're making our reads real good and just trying to score more touchdowns."

Q: How was today's practice?
A: "Today was a good day. Today was a little different because it was our first goal line day. Offense, we're just trying to be the best in the nation so we keep working together. We did a little extra afterwards to get right with each other. I thought today went good though."

Q: One of the defensive backs said there was three picks today. Is that true?
A: "No, not three picks. There was a couple here and there but they're brand new plays we're running. We're just feeling them out for the first time and it's our first time seeing it against a goal line defense."

Q: The defense is usually a little ahead of the offense at this time of the year, is that the case right now?
A: "We're just trying to play as a team right now. We're not trying to look at offense and defense. The offense has been very successful I've thought. I'm really proud to say how fast the quarterbacks are picking it up. Coming to a Division I team and playing as a freshman, just to make the reads we're making and be able to make the throws we're making, I think we're ahead of the game a little bit."

Q: How important was it for you to come in last year and learn?
A: "It was huge for me. I'm the type of guy who feels comfortable that I can start making plays I feel like I can do. I feel comfortable now. I feel like I'm with my family here. I feel like I'm with my team. High school is behind me so now I feel real good here at Miami and I'll keep doing what I do."

Q: How do you help the other guys learn the system without them getting ahead of you?
A: "It's not like that at all. No one thinks like that. I see those guys as my best friends. You want your best friends beside you and not behind you so that's how I look at it."

Q: Personally, how would you grade your spring so far?
A: "I don't look at personal things. If we have a couple touchdowns, and Baby J or Coop run it, I'm fine with it. That's what we all talked about. We just want our drives in the end zone."

Q: What do you think about the receiving core?
A: "Our receivers are awesome. I love those guys. Guys like Sam (Shields) and Jermaine (McKenzie), the whole group of guys. They all can catch the ball and do wonders with it afterwards. When you've got guys like that its fun to throw the ball around."

Q: You we're the scout team quarterback last season. How did that help in your development as a quarterback?
A: "That helped me out a lot just to see the speed of the game and go against the first stringers every day. It helped me to figure out the college life and what it's like to be in Division I football."

Q: What's your dream here at Miami ?
A: "To Win. It's plain and simple. To win. It's not to break any records or anything like that. It's just to keep The U going on the right direction and win games."

Q: What is your relationship like with the other quarterbacks?
A: "Those are some great guys. We all have fun together. We all eat together. We all watch film together. We all hang out around the dorms together. It's been a lot of fun and it's not as much pressure as everyone thinks it is. It's more fun and just coming out here and playing the best you can play every day."

Q: Last season was disappointing for the team. What did you learn about being a team player from last year?
A: "It's kind of like a situation where everyone puts their heads down and works together. If you're not going to fight together, you're not going to win games. You've got to play as a team and you've got to be family out here. Once you get that, and start playing together and going all out for each other, you start winning."

Q: How hungry is this team to turn things around?
A: "We're just looking at spring right now. We want to get this thing turned around here in the spring. We're trying to get this thing rolling. I think we've been doing that. You don't have to be on the football field to get this thing turned around. You can be in the weight room or just waking up at six o'clock with each other every day. I feel great about it. I feel like everybody's going in the right direction and I feel great as a group."

Q: After a week of practice, how is your hand feeling?
A: "I feel great. I feel blessed from the Lord. Everything's fine with my hand. I don't feel it. I'm just out there playing and having fun."

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