Jones back in action

Veteran wide receiver Khalil Jones is back from track season. spoke with him about his first day of spring practice.

Q: How does it feel to be back?
A: "I'm just excited. It's another year to go after a national championship and to reestablish ourselves. I'm just really psyched up to get back out here with my brothers and play ball."

Q: How did it go today?
A: "Practice went by pretty fast. Everybody did they're job today. I just tried to do whatever I could like going through the plays in my head and stuff like that. Everybody just wants to win a national championship and any way I can help in that I'm here to do it."

Q: What do you think about the Northwestern influence here at Miami ?
A: "I've always been real psyched up, even last year with the chance of them coming here. Now that they're here it's like a big reunion. I'd go down to the city often. I'd stay in Liberty City . I go to watch those guys play optimist football. Now it's like I'm like the big brother. They're coming in and they're the future and I'm leaving out again like at Northwestern. It's a real sweet thing. I'm real proud of them and they're catching on real well. All of them are very smart and know the game. They're just enjoying it. I'm really shocked at how they carry themselves. They're so mature and they're such good ball players. Anything I could do to help them, I'm willing."

Q: What do you think of the quarterbacks?
A: "All of them are doing great. They're all very mature. They encourage each other. They pump each other up and they challenge each other. The whole concept of winning a championship is always on their mind. They're leaders. To be so young, they're all leaders. I find myself really shocked. I'm the old guy and they're telling me stuff and I'm like okay. They're the quarterbacks and they run the show. I'm trying to do my role and follow their lead."

Q: Can young guys get the job done?
A: "Of course. It's not about age, it's about maturity. Really, you become the best by practicing at it. If you really want something you go after it and they're definitely going after it."

Q: Are they each different with their styles?
A: "It's too early to tell. They're young. We'll see how it goes as the season progresses and we get in game-type situations. All of them are doing great. They're catching on and progressing every day."

Q: How are you helping bring along the Northwestern guys?
A: "I'm kind of like a mentor. Of course they have questions and I tell them things like about time management. I tell them how they're going to have a lot of time and that they need to rest up and manage themselves and how they need to carry themselves now that they're on the college level. They're pretty prepped up. I just tell them any little thing I can. If they need anything they can call me and I'll be there. They've been like my little brothers. When I was at Northwestern, they were playing optimist ball. I know them real well. Anything they need and anything I can offer them, as far as advice and encouragement, I'm here for them."

Q: Was it difficult to come back to football after running track?
A: "Any time you're away from the game there's a hunger. Last week, I was practicing for the ACC championships and I could hear the hoorahs and I was like man I can't wait to be there. It's about dealing with one thing at a time and realizing that getting my speed better than it was last year is going to help the team out. I can run faster. It will all come together and work out at the end. I'm just really happy to be out here. Today, I was out there screaming all day just ready to get back to football."

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